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RE: Performances in Seattle and Portland

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  • Andrea Hairston
    Pan s Concert is May 20 at Cafe Allegro! From: ahairsto@msn.com To: fem-sf@home.ease.lsoft.com; carlbrandon@yahoogroups.com; scifinoir_lit@yahoogroups.com
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      Pan's Concert is May 20 at Cafe Allegro!

      From: ahairsto@...
      To: fem-sf@...; carlbrandon@yahoogroups.com; scifinoir_lit@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Performances in Seattle and Portland
      Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 21:29:42 -0400

      Hey everybody,

      Pan and I will head from San Francisco to Portland to Seattle.
      Hey everybody! Spread the word! Come if you can!

      Reading/Performance of Redwood and Wildfire at :
      PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY in Portland Oregon
      Native American Student and Community Center May 11 at 2:00
      NASCC is located on the corner of SW Broadway and Jackson Street.

      University Bookstore, 4326 University Way NE on Thursday May 19 at 7:00 PM http://www.bookstore.washington.edu/home/home.taf?

      Pilot Books, 219 Broadway East on Tuesday May 24 at 7:00 PM http://www.pilotbooksseattle.com/

      Pan Morigan will be doing a concert at:
      Caf� Allegro, 4214 University Way NE (in the alley behind Magus Bookstore) http://seattleallegro.com/


      I will perform sections of my latest novel, REDWOOD AND WILDFIRE, and Pan Morigan will play the banjo and sing songs she has written based on lyrics from the book. REDWOOD AND WILDFIRE is set in the early 1900s as minstrel shows in the U.S. transform into vaudeville and then slide into moving pictures. Hunkering together in dark theatres, diverse audiences marvel at flickering images. This ''dreaming in public'' becomes common culture and part of what transforms immigrants and �native� people into Americans. Redwood Phipps, an African-American woman, and Aidan Wildfire, a Seminole-Irish man, journey from Georgia to Chicago, from haunted swampland to a ''city of the future.'' Gifted performers and hoodoo conjurors, they struggle to call up the wondrous world they imagine, not just on stage and screen, but on city streets, in front parlors, and in wounded hearts. Living in a system stacked against them, Redwood and Aidan�s story is an exhilarating, painful, magical adventure.

      REDWOOD AND WILDFIRE, was released earlier this year and received an excellent review in the Village Voice - http://www.villagevoice.com/2011-02-23/books/nnedi-okorafor-and-ishmeal-reed-meet-andrea-hairston/

      Check out Pan's music video of PEACH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHjx9wBlixE

      Here is good info to persuade your friends to come:

      Andrea Hairston (www.andreahairston.com) is an award-winning playwright and novelist, a Professor of Theatre and Afro-American Studies at Smith College, and the Artistic Director of Chrysalis Theatre. Her first novel, Mindscape, was published by Aqueduct Press in March 2006 and won the Carl Brandon Parallax Award for works of speculative fiction.

      Pan Morigan (www.panmorigan.com) is a vocalist, song-writer, and producer. She has toured as a member of Bobby McFerrin�s choral Voicestra and she produced Castles of Gold: Songs and Stories of Irish Immigration for Public Radio International & Green Linnet Records. The award-winning Castles of Gold features Pan Morigan�s singing and stories read by Roma Downey, star of Touched by an Angel, and Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes. Her newly released album WILD BLUE�9 genre-defying songs, sung, written, arranged, and produced by Pan�is a mix of jazz harmonies and soaring melodies touched by the Celtic world and the Levant. Luminous lyrics and infectious rhythms make the album both inviting and mysterious.

      Andrea Hairston

      81 N. Main Street
      Florence, MA 01062

      Phone: 413-586-2262
      Fax: 413-585-3229

      website: http://www.andreahairston.com

      Redwood and Wildfire, a novel by Andrea Hairston published by Aqueduct Press at http://www.aqueductpress.com/

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