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  • Carole McDonnell
    ************************************** IN THE TELLING Reply to: gailashton@btinternet.com AND
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2007

      Reply to: gailashton@... <gailashton%40btinternet.com> AND
      Deadline: March 31st 2008

      'In the Telling', an anthology of new writing edited by Susan
      Richardson and Gail Ashton, to be published by Cinnamon Press, seeks
      poems that tell any kind of story - old and new, real and imagined,
      fairytales, myths, urban legends, about people, places, artefacts -
      in fresh ways.

      Please email up to 4 previously unpublished poems, maximum 50 lines
      each, in a single attachment to BOTH editors:
      gailashton@... <gailashton%40btinternet.com> gailashton (at)
      btinternet.com and
      suerichardson (at) sacredwrites.freeserve.co.uk by March 31st 2008.
      Please write 'submission: In the Telling' in the subject line.


      Submission Guidelines
      Short Fantasy Fiction for inclusion in
      Paper Blossoms,
      Sharpened Steel:
      Tales of Fantasy from the Far East


      The anthology will feature roughly twenty-five short stories between
      3,000 and 9,000 words.

      We are looking for stories of fantasy in East Asian-based settings.
      We want tales that are heavily influenced by Chinese, Korean, or
      Japanese folklore and history. We are not looking for stories set in
      the modern day. The mid-to-late 1800's is as late as you should
      venture. Submissions need not be set in our world, but can be set in
      created worlds that are influenced by the cultures listed above.

      Examples of books and movies with similar themes include (but are not
      limited to): Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn (novel),
      Shaman Warrior by Park Joong-Ki (Korean manwha), Crouching Tiger,
      Hidden Dragon (movie, the fourth book in the Crane-Iron Pentalogy by
      Wang Dulu, and a graphic novel series), the Chinese legend of Hua Mu
      Lan, the Tomoe Gozen trilogy by Jessica Amanda Salmonson, and Kwaidan
      by Jung and Jee-Yun (graphic novel).

      No electronic submissions. Please include a SASE for reply.
      Submission Period: May 15, 2007 to December 15, 2007
      Reading Period: December 15, 2007 to January 15, 2008
      Responses will be mailed by January 31, 2008

      Rights: 1st World Publication Rights in the English Language
      Pay: 5 cents per word upon acceptance of final draft, as an advance
      on pro rata (based on final page-count) share of 35% of net revenue

      Mail your story to
      Fantasist Enterprises
      PBSS Anthology
      PO Box 9381
      Wilmington, DE 19809

      Short Fantasy Fiction of Any Theme or Sub-genre
      We are always looking for short fantasy stories to be entered into
      the "Fantastical Visions Contest" for possible inclusion in our next
      Fantastical Visions anthology. For more information on the contest,
      see the Contest Page.


      Anthology Guidelines - "Subtle Edens - The Elastic Book of

      This book will be a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. To be edited
      by Allen Ashley. To be published as an original paperback by Elastic
      Press in Autumn 2008.

      General Information:

      All works must be original to the author(s), not under consideration
      anywhere else and not previously published. Any quotations from other
      people's work must be either public domain, approved by the quoted
      author or fall under the "body of a review" copyright allowance. As a
      general rule: Write your own material, don't rely on someone else's!


      Allen Ashley has made the following provocative statements:

      "Slipstream is essentially a 1990s and noughties extension and subtle
      reconfiguration of New Wave science fiction."

      "How do I define science fiction? Somewhere between 1967 and 1974."

      Slipstream uses the tropes and ideas of science fiction, fantasy and
      horror but is not bound by their rules and will often make those
      elements only a minor feature of the story rather than its raison
      d'�tre. Likewise, a plot and set-up may appear conventionally
      literary but fall outside the staid boundaries of the mainstream.
      Slipstream may start off with a science fictional or broadly
      realistic appearance but then take a sideways step into its own
      unique microcosm or socio-psychological state. Slipstream writers may
      sometimes experiment with form, presentation and the usurpation of
      traditional techniques but these are not ends in themselves. As with
      all great literature, Slipstream is concerned with people,
      perceptions and the human experience. Slipstream contains and proudly
      maintains a strain of solipsism and encourages the individual
      viewpoint and the unique vision. We appreciate the sentiments behind
      the recent coining of the phrase "The New Weird" but reject this
      notion as limiting and somewhat off-target.

      In a sound bite, Slipstream is somewhere between the literary
      aspirations of the mainstream and the pulp excitement of genre

      Slipstream is a living genre. J. G. Ballard called science fiction
      the true literature of the twentieth century. Here in the noughties,
      we believe Slipstream is a vital genre and is the only true literary
      response to the challenges of the new millennium.

      As you can see, Allen is already halfway through his anthology
      introduction. But then again, maybe Slipstream is the genre that
      ultimately defies easy categorisation. Throw off the constraints of
      branding, marketing and labelling! Make Slipstream what you believe
      it to be.

      How to Submit Stories:

      If all the above hasn't put you off - and it ought to have done,
      folks! - then we'd really like to read your work. Stories should be
      written in English, be original, unpublished, not under consideration
      elsewhere and no longer than 5000 words in length. Standard
      presentation rules apply. Please send "Disposable" paper copy plus C5
      stamped addressed envelope. We can reply by email if you prefer.
      Overseas contributors: we will only reply by email. The editor
      prefers to relax on a sofa and enjoy reading a hard copy of your
      opus - he was brought up on books, you know. For email submissions,
      please query first to check what mood he's in.

      Send your manuscripts to: Allen Ashley, Editor - "Subtle Edens", 110
      Marlborough Road, Bounds Green, London N22 8NN, England.

      Please allow 8 weeks response time.

      Please email Allen if you have any queries about this anthology, no
      matter how trivial or, indeed, testing!

      For email queries to Allen:

      For general Elastic Press business such as purchasing Elastic Press
      books, email Andrew Hook at

      Presentation Guidelines for the Novice:

      Typed; double spaced; white paper; black ink; one side of paper only;
      title and author name at head of each page; page number on each page;
      word count on final page or title page; manuscripts in English. Use a
      conventional, legible font such as Times New Roman, Arial or Courier
      New set at 12 or 14 pitch.

      Non Fiction:

      We will be publishing a few non-fiction articles within the body of
      the book but all of these have now been commissioned.

      Please Note:

      General Submissions open from Friday 1st June 2007.

      If you send anything before this date, we shall throw it in the
      recycling bin and put a pencil reminder against your name.

      Submission period closes: on Friday 29th February 2008 or when we're
      full, whichever is appropriate. Watch the Elastic Press site for
      regularly updated information.

      You will be paid for your work in copy / copies of the book. Elastic
      Press receives no Lottery or Arts Council funding and is completely
      independent from any multinational media organisations. We survive
      because discerning readers buy our books. Thank you.


      - Tell me about Allen Ashley.

      Allen's 1997 novel "The Planet Suite" (TTA Press) is considered by
      many to be the definitive Slipstream novel. His debut short story
      collection "Somnambulists" (Elastic Press, 2004) was short-listed for
      a British Fantasy Society Award. In 2005, he edited "The Elastic Book
      Of Numbers" (Elastic Press). In 2006 he published his second short
      story collection "Urban Fantastic" (Crowswing Books) and a much-
      anticipated non-fiction and criticism collection "The Days of the
      Dodo" (Dodo London Press). At the British Fantasy Society's annual
      convention - Fantasycon - in September 2006, Allen received the BFS
      award for "Best Anthology" for his editorship of "The Elastic Book Of
      Numbers". He is currently revising "The Planet Suite" for an updated
      reprint, along with several other projects.

      - Elastic Press, they're quite well known, aren't they?

      Yes, and well respected. Andrew Hook founded Elastic Press in Autumn
      2002 with the remit of publishing short stories by important new
      authors whose work largely defied the easy categorisation of narrow
      definition mainstream publishers. Elastic Press has an open, forward-
      thinking ethos and is proud to have published debut stories and
      collections by significant though as yet sometimes under-appreciated
      authors. This is the here and now and the near future; Elastic Press
      does not deal in the arcane.

      With their titles having been regularly short-listed for prestigious
      awards, Elastic Press made the great leap forward in 2005 and won two
      British Fantasy Society Awards - Best Anthology ("The Alsiso Project"
      Ed. Andrew Hook) and Best Small Press.

      Bite Size Guidelines:

      "Subtle Edens - The Elastic Book of Slipstream" - anthology.

      Allen Ashley requires:

      Original Slipstream stories up to 5000 words.

      Payment: via Contributor copy / copies.

      Response Time: 8 weeks.

      Closing date: 29th February 2008.

      Send "Disposable" hard copy manuscripts to:

      Allen Ashley, Editor - "Subtle Edens", 110 Marlborough Road, Bounds
      Green, London N22 8NN, England.

      As a special deal for anyone submitting to this anthology we are
      discounting copies of our previous anthology, "Extended Play: The
      Elastic Book of Music", from the usual price of �6.99 to �5.00. To
      make use of this offer, send a cheque payable to "Elastic Press" with
      your submission, adding p&p of �1.50 for UK orders, and �4.00 for
      overseas orders. Naturally, taking up this offer has no bearing
      whatsoever on whether we accept your story.


      Tales of Beauty and Strangeness
      CLOCKWORK PHOENIX: Tales of Beauty and Strangeness is a new annual
      anthology series edited by Mike Allen, to be published by Norilana
      Books starting in 2008. The anthology's literary focus is on the high
      end, and it is open to the full range of the speculative and
      fantastic genres.

      Editor Mike Allen says: " Clockwork Phoenix is a home for stories
      that sidestep expectations in beautiful and unsettling ways, that
      surprise with their settings and startle with the ways they cross
      genre boundaries, that aren't afraid to experiment with storytelling
      techniques. But experimentation is not a requirement: the stories in
      the anthology must be more than gimmicks, and should appeal to
      genuine emotions, suspense, fear, sorrow, delight, wonder. I will
      value a story that makes me laugh in its quirky way more than a story
      that tries to dazzle me with a hollow exercise in wordplay.

      "The stories should contain elements of the fantastic, be it science
      fiction, fantasy, horror or some combination thereof. A straight
      psychological horror story is unlikely to make the cut unless it's
      truly scary and truly bizarre. The same applies to a straight
      adventure fantasy or unremarkable space opera -- bring something new
      and genuine to the equation, whether it's a touch of literary
      erudition, playful whimsy, extravagant style, or mind-blowing
      philosophical speculation and insight. Though stories can be set in
      this world, settings at least a hair or more askew are preferred. I
      hope to see prose that is poetic but not opaque. I hope to see
      stories that will lead the reader into unfamiliar territory, there to
      find shock and delight."

      RIGHTS PURCHASED: First English Language Rights and non-exclusive
      electronic rights. The anthology will be published by Norilana Books
      in a trade paperback edition in the Spring of 2008, to be followed by
      an electronic edition to be produced later.

      PAYMENT: $0.02 a word on acceptance as an advance against royalties,
      then a pro rata share of royalties after earnout, plus a contributor

      WORD LENGTH: Up to 10,000 words, with longer stories having to be

      READING PERIOD begins on August 1, 2007. Please do not submit your
      stories before then.

      DEADLINE: February 1, 2008.

      HOW TO SUBMIT: Submissions are electronic only. Please submit your
      story via e-mail, as an RTF file attachment. Your e-mail subject line
      should say "Submission: Story Title". Include a brief cover letter in
      the body of your email. It should have your name, address, e-mail
      address, title of story, number of words, and brief biographical
      information in case we don't know you, with most recent publishing
      credits, if applicable. We are open to new writers and seasoned
      veterans alike.


      We look forward to reading your most inspired work.

      Far Far Away (tenative title) will be a themed print anthology about
      the worlds that exist alongside our own, unseen, be they on the other
      side of the looking-glass, in virtual reality, or in the sewers under
      the city. We especially like slipstream or cross-genre. Also: humor,
      SF/Fantasy, experimental, and/or surreal. Stories without any element
      of genre may be considered if they do a fantastic job of making
      Mundania seem like a foreign world. Elements of horror are fine, but
      we'd rather you evoke a sense of wonder than dread.
      Show us what exists just outside of the everyday, and turn what's
      under our noses into a land far, far away.

      Deadline: February 29, 2008

      No reprints.

      Fiction from 100 to 6,000 words, and we may publish one novella
      of 10,000 to 15,000 words.

      Submit work in the body of the email, or attached as a rtf, doc,
      or odt.

      If your work is selected, we will purchase FNASR at the following

      $10 for flash (<1000 words)
      $25 forshort stories (1000 + words),
      and $50 for a novella of >10,000.

      You will get an e-mail confirmation that we received your story,
      but you may not get your acceptance or rejection until after the
      submission deadline. To accomodate this, we will allow you to send up
      to four submissions to a total word count of 6,000 words (whichever
      comes first) OR one novella up to 15,000 words. Simultaneous subs
      okay, if marked as such, and please notify us as soon as you can it
      your story is accepted elsewhere.

      Submissions go to Adicus R. Garton and Brian Worley, editors.
      Subject line like this (or our spam filters may eat it):

      susurrusantho (at) yahoo.com

      Recommended Reading:

      Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clark
      Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
      Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko
      Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
      Otherland by Tad Williams
      Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne
      The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zalazny
      The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum



      I am looking for stories from all branches of sf/f/h that also
      include a strong "romance" element or, conversely, romance that is
      fantastic, supernatural, paranormal, futuristic, etc. As far as I
      know, no one has ever attempted this type of "best of" anthology, so
      definitions are ambiguous. If in doubt, send it.

      This is a reprint anthology so I am only reading material published
      in 2006 for it. E-published material is acceptable, but please -- no
      self-published fiction! I strongly suggest that authors contact their
      publishers/editors to send review copies of books and magazines (or
      PDFs of them) or to supply URLs or e-versions.

      This is an exciting opportunity to showcase outstanding short
      fiction, but it is also a new project. Unlike other "year's bests" I
      don't yet have established relations with many publishers so I am
      hoping for cooperation from all sides.

      BEST NEW PARANORMAL ROMANCE 2007 on the envelope or as the subject
      header of email.
      Deadline: May 1 2008
      Please do not send an SASE. You will be informed if a story is
      chosen. If you want confirmation of receipt, enclose a self-addressed-
      stamped postcard that I can return to you with the date of receipt.
      Email will receive a reply stating it has been received.

      email: Paula Guran
      87 S Meadowcroft Dr
      Akron OH 44313


      *We will be paying 1� per word and a copy of the anthology. We prefer
      stories under 6,000 words. Payment will be upon publication. Also, please
      indicate in your email to WHICH anthology your are submitting even though we
      do provide separate emails below.*

      *We are getting some submissions that seem to be forgetting the basics so
      there they are in repeated in short form:*

      *(1) **Submissions should be in standard MS format, except for 1" margins
      and 12 point font. Do not paste the text into the email window. We prefer
      attachments in Microsoft Word document or in Rich Text Format (RTF). or text
      (if you must).

      (2) All submissions hould have contact information in the cover letter and
      in the document: Name, address, phone # and email.

      No Simultaneous submissions

      (3) Multiple submissions are fine, but only one story will be accepted. If
      you're submitting to both anthologies, fine. Do it one MS at a time. Do not
      submit multiple MS to each anthology, wait until you hear back from the
      editors before submitting again. Yes, you may submit to BOTH anthologies.

      (4) Include brief publishing history, BIOs will be asked for if the story is

      (5) Dark Hart is buying FNASR. (First North American Serial Rights.)

      (6) If the story has been printed already let us know. Reprints are being
      considered last for this anthology*. *Given the repsonse we are already
      received, we doubt we will be using Reprints.*


      *Note the titles on these anthologies may be added to and/or changed
      slightly as they develop.*

      *(1) Terrible Beauty: Beauty that causes people to do unspeakable things,
      beauty that masks something else. Use this theme in a unique way, and get
      back to us. Maximum story length: 7,000 words. We want variety, surprises
      and fresh ideas. There is no set or expected way to approach this topic, so
      go for it! SF, Urban, and Historical settings are fine. *

      *If it is NOW October 1st or beyond, send your submission for the Terrible
      Beauty Anthology to:*

      *terriblebeauty@... <%20terriblebeauty@...>*

      *(2) Traps! Theme guidelines: Use the two quotes from Dorothy Parker (1893 -
      1967), the famed wit of the Algonquin Club in NYC, provided below as
      inspiration. Please use both some way in your story�not literally, but
      creatively. See above for what we look for. Ditto on all points: 7,000 words
      max., etc. Make it intricate, but easily comprehensible. Yes, we do know
      that is an oxymoron.*

      *Trapped, like a trap in a trap. *

      *By the time you swear you're his
      Shivering, sighing
      And he swears his love for you is
      Infinite, undying
      Lady, make a note of this
      One of you is lying*

      *If it is NOW October 1st or beyond, send your submission for the Traps
      Anthology to:*

      *traps@... <%20traps@...>*


      *DarkHart Press is a small independent trade publisher based in Ward Hill,
      Massachusetts. We publish 4-6 novels/short story anthologies per year and
      our authors are paid royalties. Please query via email or snail mail before
      sending your novel. *

      *Note: We are not a subsidy press. We pay our authors and DarkHart pays for
      all associated costs of advertising, printing and promoting the books we
      publish. if you have any other questions, please ask.*

      *We do accept short story submissions via email�but ONLY for anthologies
      during the times when we are reading and the stories should relate to themes
      we are looking for, however, longer works (novellas/20,000 words +) or
      novels should be sent via snail mail to our mailing address. Please send
      queries or short story manuscripts to:

      *For all other submissions, please use this address:*

      *DarkHart Press
      PO Box 8009
      Ward Hill, MA 01835*

      *Our Philosophy, Aims and Publishing Needs:*

      *DarkHart Press publishes these types of fiction:*


      � Horror
      � Dark Fantasy or Dark Fiction this includes, Science Fiction with dark
      � Cross-genre that includes these elements�romance can be up to an equal
      component or subplot, but we do not publish romance novels with dark/horror



      2007 Novella Contest
      About the Miami University Novella Contest

      The novella form has had a long and distinguished place in American
      literature, and has triumphed in the hands of Herman Melville, Henry James,
      Anne Porter, Stanley Elkin, Cynthia Ozick, Jane Smiley, Toni Morrison,
      Roth, Saul Bellow, William Gass, John Gardner, Andrea Barrett and Tobias
      to name just a few.

      As commercial publishers are driven more and more by marketplace concerns,
      novellas, by nature of their length, often fall between the cracks of short
      story collections and novels and wind up being published�if at all�not as
      individual volumes but as part of a collection of stories. Because the form
      is such a
      pleasure for readers and writers alike�short enough to be read at a single
      sustained sitting, but long enough to allow the writer greater freedom in
      character and plot development than does the short story�we are happy to
      present a
      rare venue for publishing individual novellas as stand-alone volumes.

      Manuscripts submitted for the award will be read and evaluated by our
      creative writing faculty, all of whom are active publishing writers. The
      will be read "blind;" in other words, all identifiers will be stripped from
      the pages before the manuscripts are read, and the author's history of
      publication will not be available to readers. Each year a different member
      our faculty will serve as the final judge and will decide from among the
      of finalists submitted by the other readers. This year's final judge is
      fiction writer Brian Ascalon Roley.

      Students, former students, faculty, former faculty, or anyone connected to
      Miami University will not be considered for the award. Though we believe
      strongly in the talent of those we have worked with and taught, we will do
      we can to assure that this prize is administered impartially, fairly, and
      without regard to association.

      Miami University Press is a non-profit organization. Though we are requiring

      an entrance fee, we wish to make it clear that this money will be used to
      for the administrative costs of the contest, to help with the costs of
      publishing a book of high quality, and to allow each entrant to receive a
      copy of the
      winning volume. We want that book to be a pleasure to hold in the hands and
      to read. The winning volume will be distributed nationwide.
      Read what Publishers Weekly had to say about the novella contest...

      Submission Rules and Guidelines:
      � Winning entry receives $1,000 and book publication.
      � Postmark by November 1, 2007.
      � Reading fee $25, payable to MU Press.
      � All entrants receive copy of winning book.
      � Submit manuscripts, 40,000 words or less, two title pages, one
      with author's name, address and phone number, one without. Author's name
      not appear elsewhere.
      � The minimum word count is 60 pages times 300 words or 18,000

      Mail to:
      MU Press Novella Prize
      English Department
      356 Bachelor Hall
      Miami University,
      Oxford, OH 45056

      CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Christmas Traditions: True Stories of Holiday

      Send submissions to: Helen Kay Polaski (Szymanski) at

      Christmas Traditions: True Stories of Holiday Celebration will be
      filled with stories that touch the mind as well as the soul as they
      take the reader on a magical journey through Christmas�past and
      present�while giving the reader ideas for traditions they might be
      interested in adapting in the future. Each story will focus on either
      a well-known holiday tradition or a unique tradition known only to a
      particular family or community, as well as a touching story that
      circulates around each individual tradition. (I love traditions and
      can't wait to see how your family celebrates Christmas!)

      Stories must be first person, true accountings of either shared or
      unique traditions celebrated by families, communities, and/or groups
      during the Christmas holiday season, and all must be based on strong
      individual family/community dynamics, specific geographical location,
      and/or different cultures and religion. Approximately 70-80 stories
      (700-1,200 words) will be gathered. (When writing your story please
      keep in mind that Christmas is the most magical time of the year. I
      want to see the magic unfolding on the page before me as I read, and
      so do my readers.)

      Only stories that have a beginning, middle, and an end will be

      Payment: upon publication, $75 and a copy of the book (for each
      accepted story)
      Deadline: November 15, 2007

      Please include your full name, current address, email address, phone
      number, and a 50-word bio.

      Thank you,

      Helen Kay Polaski (Szymanski)

      Guest editors: Sebastian Matthews and Camille T. Dungy
      Deadline: February 15, 2008

      The introduction to the Oxford Book of Nature Writing, claims that "the most

      convincing nature writing is� a history of our views about ourselves." This
      is most certainly true; however, the prevalence and scope of Black writing
      nature as a core theme has been generally underestimated. Many poems by
      Black American writers incorporate treatments of the natural world that are
      historicized or politicized, thus inclining readers to consider these poems
      political poems, historical poems, protest poems, socio-economic commentary,
      but nature poems. This is particularly true when the definition of what
      constitutes literature about nature or the environment is limited to poems
      address the pastoral or the rugged, spaces and subjects removed or distanced
      human contact. Such compartmentalization excludes African American nature
      poetry, which frequently engages contemporary and historic concerns within
      political, and cultural contexts. The result of such assumptions is that
      lists of American nature writers rarely include many African American names.

      As guest editors for the journal Ecotone: Re-imagining Place, we're making a

      call for poems by Black poets about and engaging the natural world. Founding

      Editor David Gessner says this about Ecotone's mission: "Much of our best
      writing grows out of the land. More specifically, it grows from rich,
      overlapping a
      reas, those unstable, uncategorizable places that aren't one thing or
      another. Biological ecotones are areas of great species diversity and
      density, of intense life and death; literary ecotones are the places where
      come most alive. These edges�between genres, between science and literature,

      between land and sea, between urban and rural, between the personal and
      biological, between the animal and spiritual�are not only more alive, but
      interesting and worthy of exploration." Black poetry in America has recorded

      perspectives on the natural world as different as the Black perspective on
      country. We're looking for poems that re-imagine the boundaries of the
      genre, poems
      that remind readers that we are always part of the natural world, even when
      feel most alienated from it.

      Please submit up to 4 poems, by February 15, 2008, for an Ecotone feature
      issue on nature poetry by Black American poets. Send poems c/o Guest
      Ecotone, P.O. Box 9594, Asheville, NC, 28815. Include your name, address,
      and an SASE.

      --Camille T. Dungy & Sebastian Matthews
      Guest Editors of Ecotone: Re-Imagining Place

      Nashville Online Publisher is Hosting a Nationwide Essay Contest on Peace

      Nashville, TN Sept 27 -- Paul Barrow, publisher of weRtheFuture.com, a site
      which was set up last month to support presidential candidate Dennis
      has just formally announced the existence of an essay contest which is set
      begin October 5th and lasts through November 30, 2007.
      WeRtheFuture.com is hosting an essay contest in which $1,000 will be given
      to the winner. Essays must address the following: why a peaceful solution to

      differences such as those between Middle Eastern theocracies and Western
      democracies is possible, why it is a better solution than the armed conflict
      we now
      engage in in Iraq and Afghanistan, and both how and why America must follow
      such a peaceful course in its foreign policy in order to establish useful
      productive relations with Middle Eastern countries. It must also suggest a
      workable solution to American involvement in Iraq.
      Contestants should submit their copy to one of the Dennis Kucinich Meetup
      Groups on our list of cooperating Groups for judging (see list on the right
      sidebar at weRtheFuture.com). They must join the meetup group (free), log
      in, and
      email a copy of the essay to the group through the group messaging system.
      group will be asked to select their favorite essay from among all
      through a poll conducted on the site. Each Meetup group will then select
      among those essays submitted to them the one which best addresses the points

      described above. The winning submission in each group will be published on
      website of WeRtheFuture.com along with similar winning submissions provided
      by all other Dennis Kucinich Meetup Groups.
      When all submissions are in, Dennis Kucinich and his staff will be asked to
      make a judgment about which essay among the final winning collection is the
      best. That winner will be given $1,000 by weRtheFuture.com to do with as he
      she wishes. The amount of the cash prize may be raised as well.
      A submission processing fee of $10 is required. Any funds collected which
      exceed the amount of the cash prize will be donated to the election campaign
      Dennis Kucinich.
      Further details can be found at
      by emailing Paul Barrow at
      info@... <info%40weRtheFuture.com>
      Paul Barrow has been a publisher of HotMedia, an online journal and blog,
      music, art and film review, with political and social commentary for more
      ten years. weRtheFuture.com was intiated in August 2007 to support his work
      a major national presidential campaign. Barrow is currently a national
      organizer in seven major U.S. cities for the campaign and a Tennesee state
      coordinator for Kucinich as well.

      Contact WeRtheFuture.com

      Special Issue on August Wilson
      Zora Neale Hurston Forum
      Spring 2008
      Dear Colleagues:

      I am writing to invite you, in particular, to contribute an essay on
      August Wilson to the spring 2008 issue of the Zora Neale Hurston Forum
      XX). In 1986, the Zora Neale Hurston Society launched the publication of
      Zora Neale Hurston Forum. The journal contains scholarly articles, critiques
      black authors, and original poetry and prose, with a particular emphasis on
      women and their contributions to the literature of the African Diaspora. The

      Zora Neale Hurston Society is dedicated to the preservation of the works of

      Hurston as well as authors of the African Disapora, particularly those of
      first half of the twentieth century.

      Having been just recently invited by Dr. Ruth Sheffey, the Editor of
      this prestigious journal, to Guest Edit this issue, I am now turning to a
      of my colleagues who are quite familiar with the man, his mission, his
      and his politics. It is my intent, therefore, to pull together a collection
      of original essays by November 30, 2007, on any aspect of the life and
      legacy of the late playwright. Consider taking a fresh approach on a
      never-before-written-about topic to open up new areas of the constantly
      growing body
      of scholarship on August Wilson.

      Manuscripts from 12 - 20 double-spaced pages are welcomed. Contributors
      are asked to email papers as attachments to
      sshannon@...<sshannon%40howard.edu>and send two
      hard copies via regular mail to the address below. Include a stamped,
      self-addressed envelope along with the duplicate essays. Submitted essays
      should use
      parenthetical or internal citations and a works cited page following the
      conventions of the Chicago Manual of Syle, 14th edition.

      On or before November 1, please address submissions to:

      Dr. Sandra G. Shannon
      Guest Editor, Zora Neale Hurston Forum
      230 Locke Hall
      Department of English
      Howard University
      Washington, DC 20059

      Spread the word!

      Reply to: info@... <info%40wordsofcolour.co.uk>
      Deadline: Friday 16th November 2007

      'Get Started' - Words of Colour's first feature and short story
      writing competition for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME*)
      writers who are new, emerging and unpublished, to commemorate Black
      History Month.

      Recent research by the Diversity in Publishing Network, Spread the
      Word, the Arts Council and the National Union of Journalists have all
      highlighted the lack of cultural diversity within the media and
      publishing industries, and how few BAME writers get their work
      published. The concern is that Britain's cultural diversity is not
      fully reflected in its publications, which is why this competition
      aims to attract and showcase a range of diverse voices.

      Feature Writing

      Entrants must write a 1,000-1,500 word maximum feature article on any
      arts and entertainment topic (i.e. movies, music, dance, art,
      architecture, television, books, theatre, etc.). Entries can be trend
      stories, profiles, interviews or feature stories. Please identify a
      magazine or newspaper that you would like to write the feature for,
      and write it with the chosen publication's target audience in mind.

      Short Story Writing

      Entrants can submit a story between 2000-2,500 word maximum in any
      genre - humorous, romantic, thriller, horror etc. - and on any theme.
      It can be written with either adults or children in mind.


      Friday 16th November 2007.
      Winners will be notified by Friday 14th December 2007.


      1st prize �25 book voucher, a framed Words of Colour certificate
      signed by all the judges, a profile and extract of your work
      published in Calabash magazine, publication on Words of Colour online
      and a free workshop on 'how to get published' with industry

      Runner up prize framed Words of Colour certificate signed by all the
      judges, publication on Words of Colour online and a free workshop on
      'how to get published' with industry professionals.


      Andrea Enisuoh is project coordinator (Centerprise Literature) and
      managing editor (Calabash magazine). She is also an arts columnist
      and book reviewer for New Nation. Andrea used to edit the web
      magazine artvibes.org. Her articles and essays have been published in
      publications such as PRIDE magazine and the Evening Standard. She has
      been a pundit and book reviewer for programmes like BBC Radio 4's
      Front Row and Five Live's Simon Mayo show.

      Courttia Newland has been a published novelist for over a decade, yet
      he is only in his early-thirties. Acclaimed for his debut novel The
      Scholar and his recent collection of short stories Music for the Off-
      Key , the west London-born former rapper, playwright and documentary
      filmmaker has just completed his latest book Minx. His popular novel
      Society Within is currently in development as a TV series with the BBC.

      Sailesh Ramakrishnan is a novelist and journalist. His first novel
      Asian Triangle, a teenage thriller, was shortlisted for a book prize
      in Scotland. He also writes comedy and has had his work performed on
      BBC radio. As a journalist he has worked on the Independent and has
      written for many newspapers and magazines. He is currently editor of
      a new Asian glossy lifestyle title, GG2Life and has completed his
      second book, a comic adventure story for romantically challenged adults.

      Susan Yearwood is a literary agent based in London. She has worked in
      publishing (Virago, MQP and Penguin Books) as well as studied
      creative and critical writing (MPhil) and lectured at community and
      higher education levels. She has won a national prize for short story
      writing and has been published in various publications over the past
      16 years.

      See http://www.wordsofcolour.co.uk/competition.htm for further details.

      Nickelodeon is offering writing fellowships in live action and
      animated television to culturally and ethnically diverse new writers.
      Participants will have hands-on experience writing spec scripts and
      pitching story ideas.

      The program, developed to broaden Nickelodeon's outreach efforts,
      provides a salaried position for up to one year. The 07-08 cycle is
      tentatively scheduled to begin in October 2007.

      The next submission period runs from January 2 - February 28, 2008.
      Applications and submission guidelines are available at

      -Carole McDonnell
      "I guess today it's a cold day in hell, cause here I am."

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