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Editor is still looking for a good zombie apocalypse story

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  • Carole McDonnell
    Contributor Guidelines for *Triangulation: End of Time* What We re Looking For: *Triangulation: End of Time* is the latest edition of the *Triangulation*print
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2007
      Contributor Guidelines for *Triangulation: End of Time* What We're Looking

      *Triangulation: End of Time* is the latest edition of the
      *Triangulation*print anthology series.
      We're <javascript:ChangeSidebar('we')> (Footnote --
      We)<http://blairhippo.com/guidelines.html#we>looking for short
      speculative fiction that fits our theme.

      By "short" we mean "up to about 5,000 words or so." We'll consider longer
      works, but the further you go over 5,000 the harder your story must rock.
      Get up around 8,000 words and you'll need to rock our teeth right out of our
      skulls. We're not explicitly setting aside space for flashfic, but if we get
      any ultra-short stories we like then by gawd we'll run with 'em.

      By "speculative fiction" we mean science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate
      history, etc. Just so long as there's some speculative element vital to the
      core of your story.

      And by "our theme," we mean "End of Time". What does that mean? Damned if we
      know; we're just the editors. You're the writer; you tell us.

      As for mature content, we're not big fans of gratuitous sex or violence, but
      we're not prudes, either. We'll consider something that would get a hard "R"
      rating, as long as there's more to the story than just nekkid people gettin'
      it on or crazy people chopping victims into giblets.

      We're like pretty much any other market in that we want you to impress us,
      show us something we haven't seen before. Reprints are a slightly tougher
      sell, but we'll consider them as long as they fit the theme. No, we won't
      consider fanfic. <javascript:ChangeSidebar('fanfic')>(Footnote --

      Submission deadline is March 15, 2007. All electronic submits must be sent
      by that time, all snail mail submits must be postmarked by that date.

      We pay two cents per word on acceptance (rounded to the nearest 100 words,
      $10 minimum payment) and a single contributor's copy. Contributors will also
      have the option of purchasing additional copies of the anthology at cost,
      exact price TBD. In addition, all interested contributors will be given a
      special reduced admission to Confluence
      2007,<http://www.parsec-sff.org/confluence/index.html>the Pittsburgh
      convention where the anthology will be released.
      How To Submit:

      We prefer electronic submissions as they make our lives easier. Please send
      your story to editor@...<editor@...?subject=SUBMISSION:
      <Story Title>>.
      Please put your subject line in the format of "SUBMISSION: <Story Title>" so
      that our software knows you're not spam.

      We'll consider stories in the following formats:

      - .pdf (Portable Document Format -- readable by Adobe Acrobat)
      - .rtf (Rich Text Format -- generic document format that most word
      processors can create)
      - .odt (OpenDocument Text -- format used by the OpenOffice.org suite)
      - .doc (MS Word -- if you really must)

      Please use standard manuscript
      format.<http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html>There's disagreement on
      some of the finer details of the "standard" -- we're
      cool with that. We're not testing you to see if you can follow each and
      every niggling detail, we just want a manuscript that looks professional.

      If you absolutely positively can't use email, please send the manuscript
      (with either a SASE or a return email address) to:

      *Triangulation 2007
      134 Orchard Dr.
      Penn Hills, PA 15235*

      No hand-written manuscripts. We gotta draw the line somewhere.

      Please, no multiple submissions (sending us multiple stories at once) or
      simultaneous submissions (sending the story to us and other markets at the
      same time). We'll get back to you promptly, we promise.

      Expect to hear back from us within two weeks. Feel free to start
      sending us nagging
      emails <editor@...?subject=WHERE'S MY RESPONSE YOU BASTARD?> if
      you haven't heard from us after a month.
      Who We Are:

      *Triangulation* is an annual anthology produced by PARSEC Ink, the
      publishing wing of the PARSEC science-fiction association in Pittsburgh, PA.
      Yes, PARSEC used to be an acronym for something. Now, it isn't.

      A new edition of *Triangulation* has been published every year since 2003
      (but will not be published in 2006 for technical reasons). In past years,
      PARSEC membership was required in order to submit. As of this year,
      submissions are open to anybody who wants to submit. Hooray!

      Prior editions of *Triangulation* have been marketed primarily in the
      Pittsburgh area. As with the submissions, we're looking to expand our
      audience <javascript:ChangeSidebar('audience')> (Footnote --
      Audience)<http://blairhippo.com/guidelines.html#audience>this year.

      *Triangulation* shares an informal relationship with the annual Confluence
      short story contest, <http://www.parsec-sff.org/confluence/contest.html> and
      has in the past published stories that placed well in it. Authors who do
      well in the contest will be offered publication in *Triangulation* solely at
      the discretion of *Triangulation's* editors.

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