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  • George Cook
    Hi this George Cook. Here are the early reviews of my new poetry eBook Let s Talk Honestly Volume 2. LET S TALK HONESTLY BOOK REVIEWS Review by Kim Robinson
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
      Hi this George Cook. Here are the early reviews of my new poetry eBook
      Let's Talk Honestly Volume 2. LET'S TALK HONESTLY BOOK REVIEWS
      Review by Kim Robinson author of THE ROUX IN THE GUMBO
      I think that men today have a twisted vision of what a real man is. I
      love rap music but the lyrics sometimes don't lift up the strong
      beautiful black women which means that I am not going to dance to
      something that degrades me, that would be too much like saying, sure I
      am a bitch and a whore and I rejoice to you calling me such. I believe
      that rap is poetry and I know that were George Cooks words put to music
      I would dance all night.
      His poetry is eye opening and in-your-face politically correct. He calls
      out the perpetrators who role around in Cadillacs but can't put shoes on
      their childrens feet. He addresses the man who can not fight a man so he
      fights his woman so he can feel like a man. His words make you think and
      want to lift your self up from the high signing that has no future and
      no purpose.
      Keep writing George, one day I will be dancing to your words.
      Kim Robinson
      Author of The Roux in the Gumbo
      Food for the Soul -Recipes from around the world
      Review by Theresa Kearns author of Poetic Overflow and owner on
      Let's talk honestly. Hmm something that we would like to hear from
      everyone when involved in conversations. Generally, one must read
      between the lines to understand the true meaning of one's thoughts.
      We wonder if genuineness is the concept being conveyed or does deception
      slips through the lips of the partaker of a 2 way discussion. Then there
      are times when someone wants to speak honestly, but does not feel he or
      she has the right to do so. Thus, he or she sits in the dark filled with
      so much, yet is silent by fear. This month's book review is about
      how a man can speak his mind without worry of persecution, but is
      allowed retribution of the emotions held inward.
      George Cook III, author of Let's Talk Honestly, Vol. II shares his
      thoughts with the world. He addresses the sistas, the brothas, Black
      America, God and himself. He is philosophy on life is spewed in the art
      of the spoken word. Simple proses that emanates deep thoughts is what
      this book provides. He discusses the essence of the African American
      culture when he pay homage to our most newly inducted ancestors, Coretta
      Scott-King, Rosa Parks and Gordon Parks in Black Royalty. He reaches out
      to young women about taking time learning the game of life in Hey Little
      Girl. His ebook speaks to all wanting to hear leaving no stone unturned.
      You can read some of my poetry and buy the book here:
      George L. Cook III www.letstalkhonestly.com
      African American Poetry , Literature & Talk Show

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