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BRONZECOMM: Tuesday Morning News and Events Round-up 2/14/06

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  • Raynard Villa Hall
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      DuSable Museum
      Celebrating 45 Years of Sharing History
      www.dusablemuseum.org <http://www.dusablemuseum.org/>
      www.chicagotheatrecompany.com <http://www.chicagotheatrecompany.com/>
      www.blackstar.org <http://www.blackstarproject.org/>
      S.R.B. Dental, P.C. <http://www.srbdental.com/>
      www.bronzecomm.com <http://www.bronzecomm.com/index.html>
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      With each issue of the Bronzecomm Newsletter, we try to share
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      from the news that may be missed.

      Chicago is a diverse City and so are our readers who use
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      We're proud to say that we have become the #1 email information
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      Have a great week.

      PS - Happy Valentines Day

      1. From: tleach@...
      Subject: Chicago Introduces New Voting System

      Chicago Introduces New Voting System
      It will be a new voting experience for Chicagoans casting ballots in the
      March 21, 2006 Primary Election.

      Commencing with the March Election, every polling place will be equipped
      with two types of voting systems.
      For most voters, the voting method will be a name-on-ballot optical scan
      system, the most widely used voting
      system in the nation, and one that enjoys the lowest error factor.

      Election Board Chairman Langdon D. Neal said that the new system is
      even easier to use than the old punchcard
      voting equipment. Instead of voting on a ballot card with candidate
      punch numbers, Chicago's optical scan
      system features a printed ballot that contains the names of all
      candidates and offices. To the right of each candidate
      name is a target circle that is used to mark the voter choices.

      "Anyone who has taken a school test or completed a survey will find this
      system familiar," said Neal. "It's a very easy
      system to use."

      As with the punchcard system, voters will process their own ballot.
      Voters will be directed to an optical scanner and
      will insert voted ballots into the marked slot. The scanner will
      process the ballot and check for possible errors, such
      as too many votes for the same office; a blank ballot; or missing judge
      of election initials, which are required by law.
      These ballots will be rejected, and the voter will have the choice of
      revoting or leaving their ballot as is, except in the
      instance where the ballot has not been initialed. Judges must rectify
      this omission, since the scanner will not accept
      uninitialed ballots.

      If the ballot is voted correctly, the scanner will quickly process it;
      read the votes; and drop it into a sealed ballot box.
      The scanner will not reject ballots for undervotes, since the optical
      scan system allows the voter to easily examine the
      ballot for offices that were not voted.

      Neal said that every polling place also is being provided with an
      electronic touchscreen voting unit designed to meet the
      needs of the disabled. Although people with disabilities have priority
      on using this electronic voting unit, any voter may
      utilize it when not in use. The touchscreen provides ballot choices and
      instructions in Spanish and Chinese, in addition
      to English.

      The paper ballots also are printed in English/Spanish and
      English/Chinese. All voting instructions and informational signs
      are trilingual. The Board also will have available its publication, "We
      speak Your Language" in every polling place, which
      provides voting information in the 15 most predominant languages spoken
      in Chicago, in addition to English.

      Voters who choose the touchscreen will be given a voter card to activate
      the unit. This card is coded to provide the correct
      ballot format and candidates for each individual voter. The touchscreen
      works similar to an ATM machine, whereby the
      voter touches the screen to make candidate selections and to scroll
      through the ballot.

      It is impossible to overvote on the touchscreen, since it only allows a
      voter to cast a ballot for the allotted number of candidates.
      If a voter changes his or her mind, or fails to vote for an office, they
      may scroll back to that office and correct their ballot.
      Before finalizing the touchscreen ballot, voters can verify their
      choices by reviewing a paper tape that reflects the electronic choices.
      This paper tape remains in the voting unit, and provides a permanent
      paper trail of the election in case of a recount.

      For people with disabilities, such as the blind, the touchscreen unit
      includes a headphone and audio controller to guide the voter
      through the ballot so that they may vote privately and independently.

      Neal said that every polling place will be equipped with a television
      monitor that will play a five minute instructional tape on the dual
      voting system.

      Voters can view this video prior to casting their ballot. The video
      also is available in Spanish and Chinese.

      For more information contact:
      Tom Leach 312-269-7857

      2. From: Diane Dinkins-Carr <DDCARR56@...>
      Subject: 9th Annual Black Age of Comics Exhibition
      and Convention


      9th Annual Black Age of Comics
      Exhibition and Convention

      This unique national event celebrates the creation,
      appreciation, and marketing of comic
      books that are derived from the Black experience.

      It has been the flashpoint in this movement that brings
      culturally connected reading material to fans of all ages.

      Exhibition: February 11 - 28, 2006
      Admission: Free
      Opening Reception: February 17, 2006
      6:00 - 9:00
      Admission: Free
      Convention: February 18th &19th
      11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
      Admission: $2.00 for children & students
      $5.00 for adults
      For more information call 773 373-1026

      3. From: events@...
      Subject: The Power of Children:
      The Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement

      dusable museum

      February 27, 2006

      The Power of Children: The Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement
      Reverend L.D. Ervin, lecturer - National Underground Freedom Center,
      Cincinnati, Ohio

      This presentation describes the challenges Reverend Fred L.
      overcame while establishing Birmingham, Alabama as the primary
      for the Civil Rights Movement and the children (ages 6 -18), who stepped
      forward to risk their lives to bring an end to legalized segregation.
      Appropriate for ages 8 and up.

      Admission: $5.00

      DuSable Museum Events
      740 East 56th Place
      Chicago, IL 60637
      (773) 947-0600

      PLEASE NOTE: The DuSable Museum of African American History will be closed
      on Saturday, February 18th and Sunday, February 19th as they celebrate Night
      of 100 Stars, their annual gala fundraiser. Normal museum hours will resume
      Monday, February 20th.

      4. From: Committee For A Better Chicago <dockwalls2@...>
      Subject: CFABC Weekly Events Calendar

      CFABC Weekly Calendar
      Over 350 New Members Last Month ! !

      Join Our Mailing List

      We need your help to spread the word. Who do you know that isn't
      receiving our messages but should. Thanks for help in adding your
      friends name to our list. So far this year we have added over 350 new
      names to our list.
      Each one, add one.

      Thursday, February 16, 2006
      Dinner Dialogue
      6:00 - 8:00 PM
      Pearl's Place
      3901 S Michigan (Located inside the Amber Inn Motel)
      PURPOSE: To DINE and DIALOGUE over political and social issues directly
      related to the City of Chicago and national issues that greatly impact
      our city, providing input, diverse views and positive resolutions for

      Monday, February 20, 2006
      Dinner Dialogue
      C&G Restaurant
      6:00 - 8:00 PM
      3003 East 92nd Street (92nd and Commercial Blvd.)
      Southeast Side Latinos United
      PURPOSE: To DINE and DIALOGUE over political and social issues directly
      related to the City of Chicago and national issues that greatly impact
      our city, providing input, diverse views and positive resolutions for

      Thursday, February 23, 2006
      Dinner Dialogue
      6:00 - 8:00 PM
      Pearl's Place
      3901 S Michigan (Located inside the Amber Inn Motel)
      PURPOSE: To DINE and DIALOGUE over political and social issues directly
      related to the City of Chicago and national issues that greatly impact
      our city, providing input, diverse views and positive resolutions for

      Friday, March 3, 2006
      Gautreaux at 40:Race, Class, Housing Mobility, and Neighborhood
      8 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
      Northwestern University School of Law
      - Thorne Auditorium 357 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois The
      Professor Irving Gordon Symposia Fund Co-sponsored by Northwestern
      University School of Law and the Northwestern University's Institute for
      Policy Research

      Thank You,
      Bill Dock Walls For complete Information about CFABC activities, please
      view our site.

      "Extraordinary things happen when people with a plan act purposefully"

      Bill "Dock" Walls
      Committee for a Better Chicago
      email: dockwalls2@... <mailto:dockwalls2@...>
      web: http://www.cfabc.com

      5. From: Deloris MeBain <dmebain@...>
      Subject: Please help keep South Haven
      Pregnancy Center Open!!!


      Please Join the South Haven Pregnancy Center
      As they host a rally and informational meeting
      To discuss the revitalization of this much-needed program

      Hundreds of religious, community and corporate leaders
      Will rally together to help raise money to keep the doors open
      at South Haven Pregnancy Centers

      On Monday, February 20th
      9:00 AM
      New Original Church of God in Christ
      1750 East 78th Street

      RALLY WILL DISCUSS South Haven Pregnancy Center located
      in the south shore community will be forced to close its doors
      if no funding is raised State funding has been cut!

      More than 10,000 teen girls have been served for 10 years through
      this center in the black community

      Teens receive "free" services provided by center

      Please join the coalition to save the children!

      Sponsored by South Shore Ministerial Association
      United Voice Network Coalition

      For more details contact:
      Robert Beck
      (773) 480-4760

      6. From: Minnie Miller <minnie247@...>
      Subject: Danish Cartoons

      You've heard about the Danish Cartoons that last week
      enflamed much of the Islamic World?

      Now see them for yourself.


      Minnie E Miller
      Author of "Catharsis"

      ***Editors note
      Before you make a judgement about what people "should" offend people,
      we suggest you you also take a look at this link:
      where a Jefferson County English Teacher used and then tried to justify
      his use of the "n-word."
      (Thanks Debra.) There is not enough equivocation and rationalizing in
      the world to make it
      alright with me.

      pglogo There are 120 apartments and there
      are already 80 pre-applications in for
      decent and affordable housing for
      adults 65 and older needing some
      assistance in daily living.

      You, your parents, your grandparents, friends or neighbors can call in a
      pre-application at the soon to open 8-story Miracle on 38th Street in
      Chicago's Bronzeville Community. Just call Deloris MeBain at 773
      536-0760 and leave a message any time
      of the day. We'll tell you about the amenities. We'll let you
      know how Medicaid qualified residents will receive room and board,
      utilities, three meals daily and snacks, free laundry and free
      housekeeping. Yes, there is cable, a barber and beauty
      shop, a convenience store, a doctor's office, a patio on the
      second floor coupled with a walking path, an exercise room, 24-hour
      security and much, much more!

      For more information call Deloris MeBain at 773 536-0760

      7. From: Andre Guichard <andreguichard@...>
      Subject: Gallery Guichard Invitation


      We've got many activities planned for this weekend at the Gallery.
      Please invite all of Chicago to join us.........

      bhm GG

      Andre Guichard
      Gallery Guichard
      3521 So. Martin Luther King Dr.
      Chicago, Ill. 60653
      Fax 773-373-8060


      CPS Transcription
      offers quality transcription services with a personal touch.
      We provide basic audio and videocassette transcription,
      digital and Internet-based services
      with quick turnaround and reasonable rates.
      We specialize in one-on-one and multi-party interviews,
      speeches, focus groups, conferences and seminars.
      Call Denise at 773-873-0813 for more information.
      or mailto:denise444@...

      8. From: Kevin Holt <knholt@...>
      Subject: Makeda, Queen of Sheba -
      A CTC Youth Theatre Division Presentation

      Written and directed
      By Peter L. Chatman
      Choreographer Maya Camille-Broussard
      Costumes by Karen Wells
      Lighting by Edie Jones

      Featuring Taylor Hall, Martasia Jones, Alettie Smith,

      Limited Engagement

      Friday & Saturday 7PM, Sunday 3PM

      500 East 67th Street

      All regular seats $15.00, $10.00 with valid Student ID,
      Senior citizens and Groups of 10 or more, reservations call
      773 493 0901, and charge-by-phone. Box office opens at 10am


      For information about educational, youth group organization performances
      call for more information.

      *Parking available *

      www.chicagotheatrecompany.com <http://www.chicagotheatrecompany.com/>

      The Chicago Theatre Company is generously supported by grants from the
      MacArthur Foundation,
      Chicago Community Trust, Chicago Tribune Foundation Polk Bros.
      Foundation, The Woods Fund of
      Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs - City Arts II, Illinois Arts
      Council, Gaylord and Dorothy
      Donnelley Foundation Lloyd A. Fry Foundation, WPWR-TV Channel 50
      Foundation, Sara Lee
      Foundation Harris Foundation, Louis R. Lurie Foundation, Northern Trust
      Company Mayer &
      Morris Kaplan Family Foundation.

      9. From:
      Subject: Presentation: "THE POWER OF COMMUNITY


      If you want understand the puzzles of ? Oil Wars ? Strange Weather ?
      Hurricanes ? Katrina ? Rising Fuel, Heating and Medication

      On Sunday, February 19th from 2pm until 6pm, THE INSTITUTE OF POSITIVE
      EDUCATION @ (Betty Shabazz Intl Chtr Schl 7825 S. Ellis) will host for the first
      time ever an African American Community Forum addressing the challenges we face
      and possible solutions to mitigated the detrimental impact of diminishing
      supplies of Petroleum and natural Gas. The Forum will featuring the premier showing
      of the powerful documentary:


      ALSO: Fred Carter, a former transportation executive and
      co-founder of Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living, will
      present the hard core facts of world peak oil and natural gas and the
      ramifications for the black community

      Dr. Jifunza Wrigth-Carter, holistic physician, wife and co-founder of Black
      Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living will facilitate the Q&A and
      collective brainstorming strategies and solutions to insure our community is
      prepared to survive these times and successfully transition into a post-carbon future.

      Myth or Prophecy? : The Impact of Dwindling World Fossil Fuel Reserves @IPE
      7825 S. Ellis Ave ( Betty Shabazz Intl Chtr Schl)

      Admission is Free!!!!

      For more Info call:
      773 238-9227 0r 773-995-7083

      Peace and Blessings
      Kwame Steve Cobb

      10. From: Thomas Palmer <tp6107@...>
      Subject: A significant link to keeping up
      with Katrina developments

      A significant link to keeping up with Katrina developments


      "Chicago" Tommy Palmer, Bassist

      11. From: Allen Johnston <bigeoppa@...>
      Subject: Worldwide Radio Stations

      Find radio stations all over the world.
      I was listening to radio in Panama, Cuba, Brazil and Africa this

      www.radio-locator.com <http://www.radio-locator.com/>

      Definitely & Defiantly check out www.radiopalmwine.com out of Nigeria.
      A wide range of new hip-hop, afro-pop, and traditional African sounds.
      Young artists there seem more issue orientated than bling-bling

      12. From: Discopoet <discopoetkb@...>
      Subject: radio promo

      peoples voice

      13. From: Patrick Oliver <sayitloudyouth@...>
      Subject: Black Literary Umbrella
      Monthly Networking Event

      You're Invited

      Thursday, February 16, 2006 6:00 p.m.

      Black Literary Umbrella

      Black History Month Celebration and Networking Event

      Black Literature Past, Present and Future:
      A Conversation with Sterling Plumpp

      Sterling D. Plumpp, award-winning poet, and essayist, is the author of
      several books including Ornate with Smoke, Black Rituals, Blues
      Narratives and Velvet Bebop Kente Cloth. He is the editor of Somehow
      We Survive, a collection of South African writing. Plumpp is Professor
      Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he served on the
      faculty in the African American Studies and English Departments. He
      currently teaches in the Master of Fine Arts Program at Chicago State

      Networking, Refreshments and book signing
      Immediately following the Professor Plumpp presentation meet members of
      the Black Literary Umbrella (BLU) to find out more about the upcoming
      monthly activities and events designed to promote local Black writers
      and illustrators. Workshops, readings, discussion groups and book
      signings will be scheduled offering a forum to develop skills and
      promote literary works. Whether you are a published or beginning writer
      you will benefit greatly from this opportunity to network with industry

      Refreshments, Professor Sterling Plumpp book signing ,BLU information
      packets and more.

      Please RSVP by calling (773) 924-9802. Contact Patrick Oliver if you
      have any additional questions.

      Where: Institute for Positive Living
      435 E. 35th Street, Second Floor
      Chicago, IL 60616
      (773) 924-9802

      Parking available across the street in the Lake Meadows Mall parking lot
      near Dunkin' Donuts.

      14. From: Raynard
      Subject: Map of Underground Railroad Sites

      I just wanted to let people know about a site which has
      interactive mapping of Underground Railroad Sites in honor of Black
      History Month.

      The site is Mapmuse.com, and the link is:



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        Sorry about my Newsletter reaching the list in this way.
        I'm experiencing address book drift (Netscape 7.2)
        but hopefully have the problem fixed so this shouldn't
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