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  • Amanda
    Susan Sielinski wrote: From: Susan Sielinski To: Subject: Odyssey Writing Workshop 2005 Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 17:46:19 -0500 Dear
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      Susan Sielinski <susansielinski@...> wrote:
      From: "Susan Sielinski"
      Subject: Odyssey Writing Workshop 2005
      Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 17:46:19 -0500

      Dear Indie Sci-Fi Film Makers 2 List Owner,

      If the members of your list are interested in writing science
      fiction, fantasy, or horror, they might be interested in the Odyssey
      Writing Workshop. The 2005 workshop will be held from June 13 to
      July 22 at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.
      Odyssey is a great opportunity to improve writing and meet editors
      and authors. More information can be found in the press release
      below, or on the workshop website www.sff.net/odyssey. The director,
      Jeanne Cavelos, is always happy to answer questions and discuss the
      workshop. She can be reached by email at jcavelos@....

      I'd appreciate it if you'd consider forwarding this to your list.

      Thank you,

      Susan Sielinski

      Odyssey Administrator


      Publicity Release

      November, 2004



      About Odyssey:

      Since its inception in 1996, Odyssey has quickly become one of the
      most highly respected workshops for writers of fantasy, science
      fiction, and horror. Held each summer on the campus of Saint Anselm
      College in Manchester, NH, the workshop runs for six weeks, and
      combines an intensive learning and writing experience with in-depth
      feedback on students' manuscripts. Odyssey provides up-and-coming
      genre writers the guidance and support necessary to become
      professionals. Forty percent of Odyssey's graduates have gone on to
      be published. Top authors, editors, and agents have served as guest
      lecturers at Odyssey, including George R. R. Martin, Harlan Ellison,
      Jane Yolen, Terry Brooks, Ben Bova, Ellen Datlow, Donald Maass, and
      Dan Simmons.

      Odyssey is the only program of its kind run by an editor. Jeanne
      Cavelos, Odyssey's founder and director, is a best-selling author and
      former senior editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing, where she
      won the World Fantasy Award for her work. "I give the same
      unflinchingly honest, concrete, detailed feedback to students that I
      provided to professional authors," Cavelos said. "That can be a
      shock for students, but it can also trigger rapid improvement. I'm
      constantly told by graduates that they learned more at Odyssey than
      they learned in years of workshopping and creative writing classes."

      The workshop runs from June 13-July 22, 2005. Class meets for 3 1/2
      hours in the morning, 5 days a week, and students use the afternoons
      and evenings to write and critique each other's work. Prospective
      students, aged 18 and up, apply from all over the world. The
      application deadline is APRIL 15.

      Meet Our 2005 Special Writers-in-Residence:

      This year Odyssey has the privilege of hosting two amazing writers-in-
      residence: Melanie Tem and Steve Rasnic Tem. Melanie is one of the
      best writing teachers in the field. Of her first novel, Stephen King
      said, "spectacular, far better than anything by new writers in the
      hardcover field." Dan Simmons calls her "the literary successor to
      Shirley Jackson." Steve is widely considered one of the top short
      fiction writers in the field of the fantastic. His stories have been
      compared to the work of Franz Kafka, Ray Bradbury, and Raymond
      Carver. Combined, Melanie and Steve have won a British Fantasy
      Award, a World Fantasy Award, an International Horror Guild Award,
      and two Bram Stoker Awards. They are true masters of the writing
      craft, and they will be running the workshop for the entire fifth

      Other Guest Lecturers:

      The Odyssey workshop is excited to announce its featured 2005 guest
      lecturers: award-winning authors Elizabeth Hand, Allen M. Steele, P.
      D. Cacek, and James Morrow; genre critic, reviewer, and fiction
      writer John Clute; and editor Sheila Williams. Lecturers share their
      own unique perspectives and critique student manuscripts.

      Odyssey graduates:

      Publications by Odyssey graduates are coming fast and furious, and
      are posted on the website. Barbara Campbell, who attended Odyssey in
      2000, has just sold her first novel, Heartwood, to DAW Books. She
      explained that after attending Odyssey, "I now had the tools to
      analyze pacing, world-building, characterization (and my old pal--
      plot). . . . I ultimately transformed my wandering fantasy of
      180,000 words into a 100,000-word novel I was ready to show my
      agent." Elaine Isaak, class of 1997, said, "The first two stories I
      ever sold would not have been written without Odyssey. . . . Jeanne
      has an eye for identifying the author's intent and the heart of the
      work, and offering useful advice about how to craft the work to be
      nearer to the dream." The Singer's Crown and The Eunuch's Heir by
      Elaine Isaak will be published by the Eos imprint of HarperCollins
      next year.

      Our new location:

      Each year, Odyssey tries to improve the quality of the workshop.
      This year, our tenth, will mark our move to a new location: the
      campus of Saint Anselm College. Saint Anselm is one of the finest
      liberal arts colleges in the country, dedicated to excellence in
      education, and its campus provides a beautiful setting and high-
      quality facilities for Odyssey.

      Expenses and Application:

      Tuition is $1,500 and housing in on-campus apartments runs $625 for
      the six weeks. Students have the option of receiving college
      credit. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor and graduate
      of the program, Odyssey will be offering three Gandalf Grant
      scholarships to the most promising writers of the class of 2005 in
      the amounts of $1,250, $500, and $250.

      Those interested in receiving further information and an application
      should visit the website at http://www.sff.net/odyssey, or send a
      self-addressed stamped envelope to Odyssey, 20 Levesque Lane, Box G,
      Mont Vernon, NH 03057, phone/fax (603) 673-6234, e-mail
      jcavelos@.... The website includes writing and publishing tips
      as well as excerpts from previous guest lectures.




      CALL (603) 673-6234

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