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Re: [SciFiNoir Lit] A letter from scifi.com that i really liked

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  • Amy Harlib
    aharlib@earthlink.net Eloquent and cogently said! Amy ... under strict ... unmanned ... combat ... Earth, ... individual death, and ... military ... Americans
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2004
      Eloquent and cogently said!

      > Stargate Parallels Reality
      > ow closely do Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis parallel our reality? In both
      > fiction and the real world, the point man is usually black, and from an
      > unsophisticated background. World-changing technology is kept secret and
      under strict
      > military control. The first human presence in an unknown zone is an
      > military vehicle. The first human entrants to any promising area arrive in
      > fatigues, with weapons at the ready. These people claim to represent
      > and yet are overwhelmingly North American and white. There is a strong and
      > unfounded tendency to assume cultural and moral superiority over less
      > technologically advanced nations. Despite numerous occurrences of
      individual death, and
      > wholesale destruction, there are lax rules governing contact. The human
      > are usually considered above foreign/alien legal systems. The primary
      > objective is to secure weapons or resources. The only time that the North
      > are seen to pack up and go home is when they come up against a
      > equal nation/world. The humans insist that their way of life is better
      than any
      > foreign/alien way, despite the foreign/alien cultures having successfully
      > existed for many centuries longer than their own.
      > The big differences between fiction and reality are in how worlds
      > as friendly by the Stargate crews are depicted. Always, we see them
      > their individuality and cultural idiosyncrasies. Humanity's self-appointed
      > representatives treat them with respect. But if the Stargate actually
      > things would be rather different. Within six months of contact the aliens
      > would've been sold golden arches, a talking mouse and a dead rock star. In
      > years, their own culture would've become polluted with trash TV,
      > maniacs and the lingering threat of "do it our way or die." After a
      decade, some
      > worlds would've concluded that exported Earth-style democracy and
      > capitalism were killing them and moved to bounce us back where we belong.
      > Meanwhile, those who controlled the stargates on Earth would likely brand
      > former friends as godless/Goa'uld worshipping insurgents, and new targets
      in the
      > intergalactic war on terror.
      > Thus do reality and fiction blur into a maelstrom of what Norman
      > called bovine scatology. All of which makes me hope that if stargate
      > technology is ever discovered, it's by a Swiss Buddhist.
      > http://www.scifi.com/sfw/issue396/letters.html
      > Nathan Brazil
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