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Re: [SciFiNoir Lit] Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man--Sci Fi?

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  • belsidus2000
    ... fiction, ... understand ... The Invisibility is ... attempt to make ... certainly would ... been a ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 30, 2003
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      > > almost
      > >
      > I would say it is fantasy, or almost magical realism. Not science
      > as there is no attempt to explain or anchor the events in what we
      > of the phenomenological workings of the universe.
      The "Invisibility" is
      > simply a metaphor, and he expects you to accept it as such. Any
      attempt to make
      > "Invisible Man" an SF novel would diminish it. That says, it
      certainly would
      > have been POSSIBLE to write the novel as SF, and that might have
      been a
      > wonderful book, but not Ellison's.
      > Steve

      <Certainly the whole book is fantasy, magical realism or surrealism.

      But look at Chapter 11 p. 176-186.

      Chris Hayden
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