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Blackness in Science Fiction-Comic Books

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    From: Michael R. Brown, Editor/Chief Ghettostone Publications Company www.ghettostone.com To: The Creative, The midget kept the giant down, by denigrating his
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2003
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      From: Michael R. Brown, Editor/Chief
      Ghettostone Publications Company

      To: The Creative,

      The midget kept the giant down, by denigrating his
      culture, lying about his place in the universe, and depicting
      his ancestors as monsters. Shame based and guilt ridden,
      the giant never really tried to break the weak chains that
      held him captive in the dark cave. He believed he was not
      worthy for the world, and that his place was to be unseen.

      All the giant had was his hand held mirror in which he focused
      on the cave doorway watching life go on outside his cave.
      His opinions about the world came about as he observed
      interactions through his mirror and what he saw as life in the
      mirror, wasn't the whole picture at all but only a glimpses of
      what really was happening! So his vision was limited to glimpses.

      But the giant had the power to break his chains and he had
      the strength to overthrow the midget, but he was afraid and
      his fear kept him a prisoner!

      Greetings all!,

      Our History is currently on display. But I've heard
      suggestions that our minds aren't our own and we
      should wait till then to make moves, or to have an action.
      To this I say I disagree!

      We have everything we need right now to do what we want!

      Our collective Communities in the Black Experience is
      like a giant who is being controlled by a midget, a lyre,
      if you will, who has convinced us that we are not capable,
      nor worthy enough to do what we would like, which is to
      break our mental and financial chains and become the masters
      of our own self determination!

      We don't understand our capabilities, nor potential , nor
      do we believe in the possibilities of collective self determination!

      BUT, this is not the truth! Truth is our collective Community
      has overcome inhuman treatment, depravation, blind ignorance.
      Our ancestors have overcome whippings, hangings, and a civil
      war! Our ancestors built, chopped, dug, hammered, shored up,
      and levelled the land for all cities, it's possible!

      Our collective Peoples have over come separate and un-equal,
      hate and the idea of inferiority, plus economic desvistation and
      still we rise! We rose up under water hoses, police dogs and
      Southern Governors! We rose up under Nazis stereotypes and
      colonial imperialism! We rose up when the Democrats locked
      us out and Republicans planned our internment! We even rose up
      under the red-head old man Reagan and his hitch men Oliver North
      and the crack assassins! So what makes anybody on this list, or
      any other list believe it's not in the mix for us now?

      Today we got the momentum! Today we got the single mindedness!
      Today we share the same political ambitions! Today we all know
      it's about "economic development" Today we understand that what
      has been done to us has effected us in ways deeper than the surface,

      My prayer for this Black History Month is that we "believe"!

      Believe in the possibilities and in each other's talents!

      It's possible! Let make it happen!

      Looking for the "paradigm" shift!!!


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