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8620Fwd: Seeking post-apocalyptic title w/ staff called "companion"

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  • brent wodehouse
    Apr 3, 2014
      "David Wright" <dwright333@...> did write:

      Hello, smarties. I have a library patron looking for a book that my searches have not hit upon.
      Book is post-apocalyptic, written around 1950s or early 60s.

      Book intros with a person referred to as the traveler. Not sure if it’s the main character or not or whether or not the person is named later.

      Traveler carries a staff they refer to as the companion. The companion is connected to the web (internet-esque thing, not necessarily called the web).

      A scene in the book follows a group of people who are looking for some type of old place that is purported to give immortality. At some point, they walk through a portal and there’s a flash of light and “puff of ash”. They continue on their travels and some time passes (aprox three months). One person in the group notices another’s hair is going from gray to dark.

      Ringing any bells?

      David Wright
      Seattle Public Library