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8583(Fwd): Searching for a couple of titles

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  • brent wodehouse
    Jan 16, 2013
      >Fwd: Searching for a couple of titles
      >From: "David Wright" <[ mailto:dwright333@... ]dwright333@...>

      >The quest for those half-recalled titles continues unabated, and I have a
      >couple of Science Fiction questions this morning, in case either of them
      >ring a bell. (I'm searching, and will report back here if I find them
      >some other way)
      >1. "Looking for title of a science fiction trilogy: apocalyptic theme;
      >starts in L.A. The ain character loses his memory; he's searching for his
      >sister. The last book may have been set in the middle East. Super powers
      >may have been involved."
      >2. "patron trying to identify science fiction/fantasy novel published
      >within the last 7 years. Plot deals with apocalyptic overpopulation. The
      >plot resolution involves scientists genetically engineering the
      >population to survive on mud and water"
      >I've always been super impressed by the wetware on this list: got
      >anything for me?

      >David Wright
      [ http://shelftalk.spl.org/ ]
      >                  "Que Scay-Je?"

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