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369Re: [SciFiNoir Lit] 'A planet called Treason' by Orson Scott Card

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  • Laileana
    Nov 1 4:50 AM
      I am a huge Orson Scott Card fan and have never heard of A Planet Called Treason. I would likely be quite offended if I read it. I agree that him being a Mormon likely in a large way contributes to his racism. The Mormon church believes that God gave people dark skin as a punishment. So there fore all non white people are descendants of Cain. It is kind of sick to think that such a large church still holds such arcane and racists views, but it does. They keep it very quiet too, but my daughters babysitter is a Mormom and I agreed to take the lessons when she was a baby and if you question their missionaries right they will tell you. They of course do not see this racist at all. I have always felt it was sick and wondered how the church could have any black members. I am sure that Orson Scott Card does not think of himself as racist, however I am sure that he is at least prejudiced. After all their is no truer reflection of who he is as a man than his writings.
      janeooh <kamadarlin@...> wrote:Over the years I've read many science fictions books. Orson Scott
      Card was brought to my attention by reading 'A Planet called
      Treason,' which was published in 1979. I found it at a second hand
      bookstore in the early 80's. I was outraged at how it depicted black
      folk in a fantasy setting and that he was famous and popular as
      Ender's Game was on the bestseller's lists. I didn't hear anyone
      complaining about this book. I read today on his official
      website,that he reworked the story in 1988 and 10 percent of the book
      is brand new and is now called 'Treason.'

      Why I bring this up... I just loved Wyrm, Ender's Game, Speaker for
      the Dead, Xenophobe. I stay away from his too Mormon topic books
      though Lost Boys was interesting in giving a peek into that World.
      It wasn't until I aquired 'The Book of Mormon' that I realized how
      the religion in obsessed with being Fair, white...etc... And how does
      this come out in his books? As the 'Book of Mormon' was reworked in
      the early 70's to take out the more racist aspects of it, there is
      still plenty left. I have not read 'Treason,' if anyone has read
      both, I would be interested in what you think about it.

      We change with life experiences...23 years ago he published what I
      thought was a very racist fantasy novel. But this brought me to
      enjoying his other works though I am suspect to his thoughts on how
      different species cannot mix, but they can live together once they
      can communicate. Opposite of the Octavia Butler series that containes
      Dawn, Adulthood Rites and Imago. Also of there is the theme of
      reconcilation and forgiveness, especially in the Ender's series. But
      different species...and I wonder if this translates to the different
      races for him? I just thought it was interesting and have been
      interested in discussing this for some time with fellow science
      fiction readers and writers.

      I like his writing and think that he is one of the great American
      Science Fiction/Fantasy writers. But what of 'A Planet Called
      Treason'? It was 23 years ago and I know that I am different from
      what I was 23 years ago in some things. But the basic core things
      have stayed the same.

      And of course, our backgrounds do effect what we write.

      This was one of the reviews from Amazon.com
      Great book- but it should be noted that...., March 15, 2000
      Reviewer: A reader from USA
      I loved this book. I've read Treason (Revised) and A Planet Called
      Treason (Original). It should be noted that the original copy (A
      Planet Called Treason) labeled the "Inkers" as "Niggers". This was
      changed in later versions. I would recommend the revised version,
      Treason, as it contains the more appropriate name for these
      characters. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

      Jane :)

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