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761Jakwin: The Legacy of Quandan Chapter 1

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  • Shane Stephenson
    Feb 18, 2005
      Before I get started, let me warn you that I write big. I don't
      think of short stories, I think of novels. And not just novels, but
      whole worlds of stories to back up just one. This story, the Legacy
      of Quandan, takes place on a large peninsula jutting from a large
      continent in a world of my design. That peninsula has a long
      history, of which The Legacy of Quandan is just a part. Most of that
      history will be alluded to in the story. Oh, this is just an intro.
      The real meat of the story will start in my next post.

      In the city of Avenlo could be found many people of many walks of
      life and backgrounds. Officially, it was a city of humans. It was
      the center of the country of Tumas, the largest human nation in
      Jakwin, and was where Queen Lillan the Just ruled from. But all
      races lived in Avenlo. There was a Dwarven district, an Elven area,
      Halfling Town, even a thriving Orcish region. But mostly, there were

      It was the home of Tristan Inerion, a minor noble and a member of the
      elite City Guard. It was the home of Lexia, an orphan girl and
      pickpocket who preyed upon unsuspecting consumers in the market
      square on Tiron Street. It was the home of the wizard Vander and
      the sword-for-hire called the Red Sparrow. It was the home of the
      dwarf Derrin, who studied at the Temple of Turgoth.

      None of these individuals knew each other, but on the white, stone
      streets of Avenlo on one fateful day they would meet, and their lives
      would be changed forever.

      Tristan grabbed his spear as he left the castle armory. He began the
      long walk from the armory to his new post on Tiron Street. At least,
      it felt long bogged down by his armor. It was not meant for
      travelling, his armor. But then, the City Guard only dealt with
      matters within the city, and could hardly be expected to travel
      farther than the gates to deal with a problem. There were Guards
      outside the gate, of course, but they were part of the Guards of
      Tumas, of which the City Guard was just an elite chapter. There were
      Guards of Tumas throughout the country.

      Lexia looked out on Tiron Street. She saw any number of marks out
      there, but knew that she had to wait for an opportunity to present
      itself. She saw a man investigating some Elven fruit. She smiled.
      To be even thinking about buying Elven fruit, he must have quite a
      bit of cash. He was obviously an out-of-towner. That vest-and-hat
      combo might be a popular look in Iwerpos, but here in Avenlo, it
      stood out. He was being jostled by many passers-by as he looked over
      the Elven fruit. He was almost making it too easy.

      Vander put his hood up as he left his apartment building to the east
      of Tiron Street. He needed some ink to write his latest spell. He
      made such trips occasionally, but spent most of his time in his
      house. Among the magic community, he was moderately well-known, but
      had some controversial theories about the nature of time and magic's
      affect on it that made him a bit of an outsider. He made a living
      now selling scrolls with simple spells anyone could cast. He
      absolutely hated it.

      The Red Sparrow. A mysterious figure whose name was whispered in
      back-alleys throughout Avenlo. Reportedly, the Red Sparrow had super-
      human abilities. No one had seen his face and lived to tell the
      tale. Also, apparently, he had no morals whatsoever. Sola laughed
      to herself at that as she walked down the stairs. She was wearing a
      non-descript grey cloak and a pack. Underneath it was a dark red

      Derrin the dwarf left his small cell in the pupil's housing of the
      Temple of Turgoth. Devotion to the warrior god was a tough practice,
      but the rewards in battle were great. He was headed to Tiron Street
      to sell some of his holy charms. The selling of holy charms was not
      forbidden by Turgoth. In fact, it was taught that he saw it as a
      good way to spread the word of his generosity to all those who needed
      aid in battles of all kind.

      Five people who had never met. Maybe they had seen each other in the
      street. Maybe Derrin had once heard of an Elvish wizard with odd
      theories on time. Maybe Lexia had heard rumors of the Red Sparrow.
      Maybe Tristan had bought a charm from Derrin without really looking
      at his face. But they definitely did not know each other when the
      whole mess started.
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