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7582004 Sapphire Awards

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  • Julianne Goodman
    Jan 11, 2005

      For Immediate Release

      January 11, 2005 -- The Science Fiction Romance newsletter is pleased
      to announce the nominees for the tenth annual Sapphire Award for the
      Best Speculative Romance of the Year:

      Finalists for Best Novel of 2004:

      DAY OF FIRE by Kathleen Nance, Dorchester
      DEAD TO THE WORLD by Charlaine Harris, Ace
      HEART DUEL by Robin D. Owens, Berkley
      JANE'S WARLORD by Angela Knight, Berkley
      RAVEN'S SHADOW by Patricia Briggs, Ace
      THE SCARLET EMPRESS by Susan Grant, Dorchester

      Finalists for Best Short Fiction of 2004:

      "Dead Girls Don't Dance" by MaryJanice Davidson, CRAVINGS, Jove
      "The Night Owl" by Emma Holly, HOT BLOODED, Jove
      "Originally Human" by Eileen Wilks, CRAVINGS, Jove
      "Stained Glass Heart" by Catherine Asaro, IRRESISTIBLE FORCES, NAL
      "The Trouble with Heroes" by Jo Beverly, IRRESISTIBLE FORCES, NAL
      "Winter Born" by Sherrilyn Kenyon, STROKE OF MIDNIGHT, St. Martin's
      "Winterfair Gifts" by Lois McMaster Bujold, IRRESISTIBLE FORCES, NAL

      The Sapphire Award recognizes the year's best work in fiction that
      combines science fiction or fantasy and romance as critical
      components of the plot.
      Nominations were accepted from over 1700 subscribers to the
      newsletter; final decisions will be made by a five-member panel after
      reading the nominated works. Stories eligible for the 2004 award had
      a first publication date between January 2004 and December 2004.
      Winners are listed on the SFR
      website as well as in the Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards.

      "This year the award has grown to the point that I appointed a
      contest coordinator to manage it," said Jody Wallace, Science Fiction
      Romance editor. "Increased interest in cross-genre fiction accounts
      for a lot of growth; just look at all the new lines opening at mass-
      market and small presses to accommodate reader desires. The
      bookshelves are well-stocked for speculative romance fans, and we
      hope to do our part to keep them that way by promoting the genre."

      The Science Fiction Romance newsletter, an information source for
      readers and writers of the science fiction romance subgenre since
      1994, is distributed monthly to subscribers throughout the world. An
      electronic edition is available at www.sfronline.com.