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754SABLE Website Finally Updated :)/Searching for SciFi&Fantasy Writers Worldwide

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  • sepulchrave2003
    Oct 21, 2004
      Hi all,

      Apart from some minor details -and the French version-, the SABLE
      website is practically updated... :)
      There you can see the covers of the first, second and third issue of
      SABLE, illustration samples & cartoons, how to buy it online, the
      worldwide contributors´ list to date (with their links), Spanish
      reviews of all issues, and also interesting links.
      If any of you, English-speaking contributors either find some error
      at the links or want to update yours, just let me know, please.

      FermĂ­n Moreno
      Publisher of SABLE - Spain

      PS: SABLE is always open to consider submissions worldwide from
      illustrators, cartoonists and writers... :) All selected works are
      professionally translated into Spanish, and all its authors have
      their own bio printed at the mag, and get a free printed copy of it,
      no matter their country.