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"Darkly Yours": first Spanish horror anthology in English open to su

Hi all, We are now open to submissions for a brand new project: an anthology of short stories called "Darkly Yours". This time we are going to publish it in
Fermin Moreno
Aug 8, 2011

SABLE magazine 6th Spanish issue & 2d book of Ediciones Tusitala

Hi all, If interested, please do click at the link below to see both cover & backcover of the 6th Spanish issue of SABLE and more info about it. Besides, you
Lord Dunsany
Dec 5, 2007

"Unknown Entity:" New Sci-Fi Thriller

Hi Folks, I've just released a new novella, "Unknown Entity." It's a sci-fi psychological thriller about Dylan Pierce, a fugitive psychic who is offered the
Oct 27, 2007

Cultural Association "Ediciones Tusitala" (SABLE magazine)

Hi all, I´m happy to let you know that the C.A. "Ediciones Tusitala" is just officially created. I will publish via it the Spanish mag SABLE, and also
Lord Dunsany
Mar 3, 2007

5th issue of SABLE printed :)

Hi, The 5th issue of SABLE is just printed! You can see both cover art (copyrighted by the incredible artist John Zeleznik) & summary at the editor´s blog and
Lord Dunsany
Sep 14, 2006

Cover of the 5th issue of SABLE (by John Zeleznik)

Hi, You can see the beautiful cover for the 5th issue of SABLE at: http://revistasable.zoomblog.com/ I hope you like it. Best, Fermín Moreno Factótum de
Lord Dunsany
Dec 10, 2005

French issue of SABLE already available

Hi all, The special French issue of SABLE has just been printed. You can see the colour cover and more info about it at:
Lord Dunsany
Aug 13, 2005


I am withdrawing from this group due to its inactivity. If anyone is interested in developing his or her craft, feel free to look at these groups:
Apr 6, 2005

4th issue of SABLE reviewed at DREAMERS

Hi all, Here you are the first review of the 4th isssue of SABLE: http://info.dreamers.com/i/destacados/e/388/p/foros/foro.html Best, Fermín Moreno - Spain
Apr 2, 2005

Classic Sci-Fi Authors

I thought I'd pass the word around that my 79-year old cousin has a vast collection of sci-fi books and some vhs tapes that must be sold to help pay for her
Nancy Silk
Mar 29, 2005

SABLE 4 at eBay

Hi all, The 4th issue of SABLE is now available at eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6518222939 Best, Fermín Moreno
Mar 12, 2005

Re: ORBITAL ODDITY (Sorry but it's a poem)

A beanstalk, or space elevator, is the way to go! I've written about them several times in my fiction. Of course you hit on the tricky part, how to make the
Mark Wandrey
Mar 9, 2005

ORBITAL ODDITY (Sorry but it's a poem)

I wrote this based upon the hypothesis put forth by Arthur C. Clarke in his "Space Odyssey" series. Does anyone remember the 70,000 km tall towers spaced along
Mar 8, 2005

Interested in contributing to SABLE

Dear all, Only for all the interested in contributing to the Spanish printed prozine SABLE: ILLUSTRATORS The interested in illustrating tales for future issues
Feb 26, 2005

Sub: The most beautiful Princess

I shorted a short story of mine for a contest. It is a spoof on fairy tales, and funny I hope. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome. "She is the most
Feb 24, 2005
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