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  • Grauwolf
    Greetings ALL, Just got this Heads Up from Scott Sanders = ... Thanks, Scott Saunders dieselpunkindustries@gmail.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2013
      Greetings ALL,

      Just got this Heads Up from Scott Sanders =

      > Hi, my name is Scott. I created dieselpunkindustries.com. Glad you like it. I thought you'd like to know I've added old time radio to my site.

      Scott Saunders
      dieselpunkindustries@... <

      We've got one rig that has a Sirius connection. When I'm on the road in the old gal I almost always listen to the Classic Radio channel. They run a major assortment of the old radio dramas and serials. From the vintage comics like Jack Benny, to detective mysteries featuring THE SHADOW and others, to tales of terror from shows like INNER SANCTUM, to (YES!) even Sci-Fi like X MINUS ONE featuring a HOST of Classic Sci-Fi writers!, the Spandex Crowd might like to know that they even run the Original THE ADVENTURES SUPERMAN series.

      ALL of this can be a Real Kick and a great way to devour the miles, but its all pretty much Russian Roulette. = You only get what they are playing at the time. And with THAT kind of variety, you can go for some time before you get a show that YOU really want to hear.

      Well, it looks like Scott has rescued us ~ Lovers of the Old Stuff ~ once again!!!

      I can not wait to download SPACE PATROL, CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT, SUSPENSE, and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES! Even though I REALLY wish that the short adverts produced by Micro Soft to promote the game were actual full length stories, I'm still looking forward to grabbing up CRIMSON SKIES ACTION THEATER!

      THANKS, Scott!!! These look like a GREAT start for my Classic Radio collection!!!

      I hope we'll get to hear works like BUCK ROGERS and THE AMAZING INTERPLANETARY ADVENTURES OF FLASH GORDON soon!!! >;-)

      Dieselpunk Industries - Radio

      What do YOU ALL think???

      Keep It FUN!

      Dan G
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