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The Haunebu Disc & The Kraftstrahlkanone???

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  • Grauwolf
    Greetings ALL, Yeah, yeah, I know, nobody here believes in Flying Saucers. Especially not the Nazi Haunebu type. I m none too sure I do either. Still, they
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      Greetings ALL,

      Yeah, yeah, I know, nobody here believes in Flying Saucers. Especially not the Nazi Haunebu type. I'm none too sure I do either. Still, they certainly peak ~ MY ~ interest from a Diesel Fired Mil-Sci-Fi point of view if nothing else. I find it funny that only IRON SKY seems to have made any use of these odd birds. At least as far as I know. ??? It seems that they are far more popular in the ~ Conspiracy/It's A Fact! ~ category than in Fiction.

      Here's a good and very interesting page on them. =

      You can even get a rather darn nice looking (though pricey) model of these things. =

      But the item that has really captured my current interest is not so much the Discs themselves, but the weapon that was supposedly mounted on the the first prototype, the Haunebu I. The Experimental KSK Kraftstrahlkanone (or Strong Ray Cannon). The following is about the only information I've come across and seems to be repeated near verbatim on any number of other sites. =

      from http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ufo_aleman/esp_ufoaleman_3.htm

      "The Experimental KSK Gun

      The early models also attempted to test out a rather large experimental gun installation- the twin 60 mm KSK
      (KraftStrahlKanone, Strong Ray Cannon) which operated off the Triebwerk for power. It has been suggested that the ray from this weapon made it a laser, but it was not. The Germans called it an "anachronism" gun - not belonging to that time period or out of place.

      When a Vril 7 was downed by the Russians in 1945 a similar underbelly mounted KSK gun was destroyed with debris recovered from the battle site. Postwar the strange metal balls and tungsten spirals that made up the weapon could not be identified. But recently it has been speculated that the Triebwerk-connected balls
      formed cascade oscillators that were connected to a long barrel-shrouded transmission rod wrapped in a
      precision tungsten spiral, or coil to transmit a powerful energy burst suitable to pierce up to 4 in (100 mm) of enemy armor. The heavy gun installation, however, badly destabilized the disc and in subsequent Haunebu models lighter MG and MK cannon were supposedly installed."

      Though this site by Greyfalcon certainly gives some darn good ~ images ~ (???) of the weapon and its workings.

      Donar (Thunder) KraftStrahlKanone


      Has ANYBODY here looked into this thing???
      Found ANY other information???
      Seen it used in any form of Books, Movies, War Gaming, &tc???

      If nothing else, this KSK Cannon and its workings look more workable than the Ever Popular "Tesla Coil Electric Ray Cannons" found scattered about darn near EVERYWHERE in VSF or Diesel stories and games.

      What do YOU ALL think???

      Keep It FUN!

      Dan G
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