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The Armor Salvage Yard

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  • grauwulf@yahoo.com
    Greetings All, I would just like to let you all know about a new Yahoo Group that I have just set up. THE ARMOR SALVAGE YARD
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2004
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      Greetings All,

      I would just like to let you all know about a new Yahoo Group that I
      have just set up.


      This site is established to be a place where Tankers can go to buy,
      sell, trade, swap, auction or hunt for new, used, custom or
      salvageable components or offered services for their RC armored
      fighting vehicles. All makes, models, scales, sizes, or brands are
      welcome. All weapon systems (IR, paintball, foam, rubber BB, or none)
      are welcome. If you are an off-the-shelf-er, scratch builder, or
      custom detailer as long as it is Armor then this is the place where
      you will find Tankers making deals with fellow Tankers.


      Are you upgrading, rebuilding, repairing or replacing components?
      Do you have new, used, or salvageable -- barrels, gears, motors,
      tracks, wheels, turrets, bits-and-pieces of armor (static or RC),
      electronic components, RC gear, weapon systems, etc....?
      Have you been mislead by a dealer's add / purchased too many of / or
      purchased the wrong parts for your vehicle and want to swap or would
      just like to get a couple of bucks back from the deal?
      Do you have a basket-case vehicle that you just do not have the time,
      skill, or funds to repair?
      Do you offer skills in building, upgrading or repairing vehicles for
      other Tankers?
      Are you changing hobbies and looking for a Good Home for your armor?
      Are you just trying to make a bit of room in all that clutter on your
      workbench in anticipation of the coming holidays?
      What about Tanker oriented paraphernalia? (T-shirts, hats, stickers,
      decals, memorabilia, etc.....)

      Then before you go and add to our already overburdened landfills or go
      off to deal with the clutter and hodge-podge nonsense of e-bay, why
      not put your goods up where other Tankers can find them? Those old
      salvageable parts may be just the "Treasure" that gets a fellow
      Tanker's machine back into the fight and back up to the frontlines!

      Always remember the words of the legendary Pappy Ratchets --
      "Keep it Honest! Keep it Fair! Always Deal Square!.... Now get out
      there and KICK SOME ARMORED BUTT !!!"

      Dan G
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