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Re: Future Visions???

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  • Dan
    Greetings All, Okay, let me put on my Official Johnny Carson Incredible Psychic Swami Turban that I picked up on e-Bay just for this occasion and see what I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2008
      Greetings All,

      Okay, let me put on my Official Johnny Carson Incredible Psychic Swami
      Turban that I picked up on e-Bay just for this occasion and see what I
      come up with for our Futurama World.

      After Hillary conducts a brilliant coup d'├ętat ousting Obama and
      proclaiming herself Empress of America in the fall of '09; and after
      the fiasco of the Mega-Corp profit driven attempted reinvasion of the
      Middle East (half way there someone realized that we no longer had
      enough gas left to pull it off.); we are all stuck driving tiny
      little, overpriced, poorly designed, and even poorer built recycled
      Hybrid/Alternate Fuel beer cans; Jay Leno officially becomes the only
      person within the American Empire allowed to own an SUV (and that is
      only because Bill likes him and thinks that he is funny.) However,
      when the American Airline Industry once again request yet another
      multi-billion dollar bailout a nameless out of work NASA rocket
      scientist (now working part-time as one of Empress Hillary's Imperial
      Revenue Collectors and Economic Advisors) discovers who the real Gas
      Guzzling, Sky Befouling, Noise Machines truly are --- The Jet
      Transportation Industry.

      Billions of TONS (not ~gallons~ TONS!!!) of fuel are wasted every day
      pushing half empty tin cans into the air. Why? Because we have all
      gotten overly spoiled with our "I want it Yesterday!" mentality.

      My proposed solution. ---- Slow down and take a giant step sideways.
      It is time to get serious about further developing (And even
      RE-developing) and utilizing something other than the BIGGER and more
      wasteful jetliners just to ship a few passengers and e-Bay products
      overnight from point A to point B.

      The alternative airborne solution is the HYBRID AIRSHIP.
      Aero craft -- WALRUS
      World SkyCat

      The alternative land borne solutions are the HIGH SPEED RAIL and
      MAGLEV TRANSPORT systems.

      The alternative intercontinental business meeting solution is the
      further development and utilization of the Internet.

      When they pull those big noisy half empty jets out of the air they can
      have my SUV. --- Those little wind-up hybrids just ain't going to cut
      it during a Montana Winter! For some folks, those SUVs are NOT a
      lifestyle choice. They are a necessary hard working TOOL.

      Oh, and one other prediction. ---- The SEXPRESSO SHOP concept becomes
      so popular that soon even McD's is featuring exotic dancers as its
      counter help giving a whole new meaning to ---- "Did you want fries
      with that????"

      What do YOU ALL think????

      Keep It FUN!

      Dan G

      --- Because the Multiverse is NOT a friendly place.
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