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Road closure

Does anyone know the status of the winter gate? If it's open, when does it close?
Nov 25, 2014
Dec 19, 2013

Re: Is the road open....

Last year we went up on December 21st. Even though the roads were dry and clear, the gate a few miles below the parking lot was closed. Haven't heard about
John Mendenhall
Dec 19, 2013

Is the road open....

...all the way to the parking lot?
Dec 18, 2013

News from Diamond Fork

1. In the past week or so, the trail to the springs have been improved. Several of the washouts that cross the trail have been leveled, the guardrail at those
Jim Catano
Aug 27, 2012

Re: Sorry about the spam. I removed it...

I'm planning on heading up this Sunday to soak with some friends. I'll be at the upper pool soaking, or the lower pool cleaning. Hope to see ya up there :)
Shae Smith
Jun 23, 2012

Sorry about the spam. I removed it...

Hey, I finally made it back up to DF a couple of weeks ago, and it was great. Apparently, the new sheriff of Utah County has reined back on the nudity
Jim Catano
Jun 20, 2012

Re: Has anyone been to the springs lately?

I didn't get up in January or February, but has anyone been recently and know the status of the road gate? Open or closed? Also, I've never tried access from
Jim Catano
Mar 4, 2012

I don't know what they're singing about...

...but these folks look like they'd enjoy Diamond Fork. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2W4yzbbDQNo
Jim Catano
Jan 17, 2012

Re: Has anyone been to the springs lately?

Jim,      I went up to the springs a week ago. It was still open then. Probably still is. The trail is great except when you get close to the springs there
Kevin McDonald
Jan 16, 2012

Re: Has anyone been to the springs lately?

Thanks, Andy. I looked out side and realized today is the snowstorm and not tomorrow. I'd imagine things might change now.
Jim Catano
Jan 16, 2012

Re: Has anyone been to the springs lately?

Over christmas break the gate was open. Besides us three guys up there were natural. ... From: Jim Catano To:
Jan 16, 2012

Has anyone been to the springs lately?

Can you still drive to the parking lot or is the road's winter gate closed adding 5 miles to the hike?
Jim Catano
Jan 16, 2012

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Jul 19, 2011

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