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Hike for Sat Sept 21st - Tung Lung Chau

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    Posted by Greg on behalf of Lily ... Dear Hikers, How about a leisure hike for fun and family on coming Sat, Sept 21st, the post mid autumn festival hike.
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 17, 2013
      Posted by Greg on behalf of Lily
      Dear Hikers,
      How about a leisure hike for fun and family on coming Sat, Sept 21st, the post mid autumn festival hike. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of rocks and waves at Tung Lung Island – where you will find prehistoric stone carving which are declared monuments of Hong Kong. Tung Lung Chau, is home of a Three Hundred years old fort and an ancient rock carving, is actually a well know site for mountaineering and camping. People can have a choice of taking a really easy leisure stroll of the island, or take a bit of effort for a harder hike.

      Meeting venue :Sam Ka Tsuen Pier at Lei Yue Mun

      Time : 9:30 am (to catch the 10:00am Ferry) at Sam Ka Tsen Ferry Pier (If you come from HK Island, you can take MTR to Yau Tong MTR EXIT A1 and walk to the Sam Ka Tsuen pier, 10 mins walk, you can also take a ferry from Sai Wan Ho from Coal Sea Ferry ( see below schedule) it just take 10 mins ferry ride from Sai Wan Ho to Sam Ka Tsuen)

      Hike Difficulty: Easy and at leisure, anyone can do it (2/5), but totally exposed with no shade. Those like a bit hardship can take a trail path up to the peak of Tung Lung Island.

      Hike description : Will walk around the Island. Tung Lung Chau is an island located off the tip of the Clear Water Bay Peninsula in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It is also referred by Hong Kong people as Tung Lung To or Tung Lung The island is largely uninhabited. The island has an area of 2.42 km². It forms one of the boundaries of Tathong Channel, which leads into Victoria Harbour through Lei Yue Mun. The northern tip of Tung Lung Chau is separated from the southern tip of Clear Water Bay Peninsula by the narrow Fat Tong Mun Channel..More interesting things to see, let us explore.. We will see Rock Carving, Tung Lung Fort..

      Hike Distance : About 8-10k, flexible depend on your preference, you can walk around at your own pace and we just meet back at the pier at 5pm or you can chose to leave early, too.

      Hiking time: 4-5 hours, so we will just stroll at your own pace to enjoy the scenery, with visit to scenic place.We will probably take the 5pm ferry back to Lei Yue Mun.

      Things to bring: At least 2L water, snacks, umbrella, hats, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, usual hiking gear.

      Detail of Ferry Schedule for your reference:

      Ferry schedule from Sai Wan Ho to Lei Yue Moon (Sam Ka Tsuen):
      Operator: Coral Sea Ferry Service Company Limited
      Boarding location: Sai Wan Ho Ferry Pier at Tai Hong Street
      Adult fare per trip: HK$ 6.0
      Journey time: about 10 minutes

      Ferry Schedule from Lei Yue Moon ( Sam Ka Tsuen ) to Tung Lung Island:

      Lily 91783465
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