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Hike for March 16th - Mok Min Caves

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    Posted by Greg on behalf of Lily [editorial comments were arrived at by applying the standard LHDNF (Lily Hike Description Normalization Factor)]
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 14, 2013
      Posted by Greg on behalf of Lily [editorial comments were arrived at by applying the standard LHDNF (Lily Hike Description Normalization Factor)]
      Date:March 16 Saturday
      Meeting place: Sai Kung pier, Taxi stand to Pak Tam Chung (will be crowded at bus stop during Sat and all of us won't be able to get on bus)
      Meeting Time :10:00am

      Well, don't be surprised, if the lovely hiking couple, Anna and Michael are in this hike, you will all enjoy a easy [Greg: Moderate] and leisure [Greg: Long] hike as I have to ensure they can see this beautiful Mok Min cave before they leave HK.

      Let us have a fun easy [Greg: Long] and leisure [Greg: Tiring] hike at Sai Kung with the wonderful weather these days. We will walk from Pak Tam Chung to West Dam, then turn on to an overgrown path along the scenic coast to Pak A, from there will hike over a hill [Greg: mountain] which is only about 250m altitude to the beach at Pak Lap Wan, where we can have a chilled drink and brief lunch at the beach front. We will then head up to Mok Min Cave to explore the fascinating hexagonal basalt rock formations, we will see the columnar-jointed volcanic rocks,different sea stack, sea cliff, sea arch, jointing, granite and sedimentary rock....We will climb down some kind of sheet jointing rock slope to the cave to enjoy the wonder of nature, feel the cool and fresh air inside, a dip in the clear water if not too cold .The adventure will be ended by hiking back to the Pak Tam Chung main road and stroll back PTC country park or take public transport back.

      Trailhead :Pak Tam Chung( Country Park)
      Trailend: Pak Tam Chung
      Route: Pak Tam Chung > West Dam> Pak A > Pak Lap Wan > Mok Min Cave > walk back to Pak Tam Chung

      Hike Hours:5-6 hours [Greg: 6-7]
      Distance: approx 12 -15 km
      Elevation gain: Estimated 300 meter only
      Surface: 40% cemented road and 60% natural trail [Greg: 35/65 and that's my final offer]
      Gradient: flat to on moderate ascend
      Speed: average walking speed [Greg: i.e. about 1/5 of Lily's normal walking speed]
      Length: moderate [Greg:Long] (over 12-15k)

      The whole trail path is exposed and could be hot.

      Things to bring:
      Wear good trekking shoes; 2-3L water & sports drink, packed lunch, quick energy snacks, walking stick, gloves, umbrella, raincoat, hat, suntan lotion, etc.,depend on your need to have safe and enjoyable hike [Greg: Wow, what could I add?].

      Please, note that the whole hike is almost 100% exposed to sun without any shade, please, ensure you have adequate protection from the sun/heat, forecasted to be warm to hot.

      Best Regards,
      Lily Tam
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      Update: Lily can be reached at 9178-3465
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 14, 2013
        Update: Lily can be reached at 9178-3465
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