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Bike-Hike for Saturday, March 9th - Luk Keng to Tai Wai

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    Dear SaturdayBikers, It s time for the 1st Annual SaturdayHikers Bike-Hike. The Annual Bike-Hike is something of a SaturdayHikers tradition, and nobody could
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      Dear SaturdayBikers,

      It's time for the 1st Annual SaturdayHikers Bike-Hike. The Annual Bike-Hike is something of a SaturdayHikers tradition, and nobody could argue that it doesn't get more fun, more exciting, and more popular every year. I can confidently say that this year will be no exception.
      Leaders - Greg (9047-0651) and Grace
      Meet - Fanling MTR upstairs - 9:30 AM
      Finish - Tai Wai MTR - 5 PM
      Difficulty - Easy-plus hike followed by moderate bike ride
      Greg the hiking expert, and Grace the biking expert will be your dual leaders. If nothing else, I'm sure that we will offer the most alliterative leader names yet.

      We meet at 9:30, upstairs at the Fanling KCR station. Then it's taxis to Luk Keng (or the minibus, assuming a miracle happens and the queue is reasonable). We'll take the easy trail around Pat Sin Leng (not over it). This is estimated at 3 hours, and includes nothing too tough or exposed. We should arrive at Tai Mei Tuk at 1 PM. After a leisurely lunch at the Thai place (not too much beer, as we don't want any drink-biking), we rent bikes for a one-way rental to Tai Wai via Tai Po, Science Park, and Shatin. This is a nice ride, and at 21 km, among the longest you can do staying entirely on bike paths (there's a short stretch through the Tai Po Industrial park on sidewalks, but it's almost entirely paths which are reserved for bikes only). We'll take it easy with a few breaks in the parks in Tai Po, Science Park, and Sha Tin, so count on 3 hours to Tai Wai MTR, where we return our bikes around 5 PM.

      Hike-only and bike-only participants are very welcome. Hike-only is a very easy one by SaturdayHikers standards. You should expect to finish lunch around 2, and can take a bus from Tai Mei Tuk to Tai Po MTR (or head up Pat Sin Leng, if you're looking for punishment). Bike-only participants can take a 75K bus from Tai Po MTR all the way to the terminus at Tai Mei Tuk, then meet at 1 PM at the Thai place (which might be named Thai Kitchen), a little bit up the road towards Bride's Pool. If you're doing bike-only, please RSVP so we can correctly count the bike/restaurant requirements (no RSVPs needed if you're starting at Fanling).

      Bring a hat and sunglasses (the hike may be shady, but the bike ride is completely exposed), 1.5 L water (water fountains are available in the middle of the bike ride, so you don't need much), snacks, enough money for a taxi, bike rental (expected $100 or a bit less), and lunch at the Thai place. You can buy provisions in Luk Keng, Tai Mei Tuk, and several spots on the bike route. Bike shorts will make things considerably more comfortable for the 2nd half, but you'll be risking ridicule if you wear them on the hike portion.

      Everything is suitable for kids and first-timers, but you have to know how to bike if you're doing the bike part. If you're doing both parts, it's long enough to be quite tiring, and once you're on the bike part, you really have to finish the whole 21km route, so please make sure you're capable of it.

      Hope to see you there!
      Greg (9047-0651) and Grace
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