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Hike for March 3rd - Dog's Tooth (or maybe not)

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  • glbglb1
    Summary: Meet: Tung Chung MTR (Delifrance/Starbucks) at 9:50 Difficulty: Strenuous - Experienced Hikers Only Duration: 5 Hours Leader: Greg Blumenthal -
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2012
      Meet: Tung Chung MTR (Delifrance/Starbucks) at 9:50
      Difficulty: Strenuous - Experienced Hikers Only
      Duration: 5 Hours
      Leader: Greg Blumenthal - 9047-0651

      Dog's Tooth is a tough hike. It's a long, steep ridge, climbing from the Shek
      Pik Dam near sea level 900m up to Hong Kong's 2nd highest peak (Lantau). With
      some hand-and-foot climbing on a rather scary knife edge, it is not for the
      faint of heart, or for inexperienced hikers. It's also one of the most scenic
      ridges in Hong Kong, exposed almost from the start, with beautiful forested
      valleys on both sides, plus the Shek Pik Reservoir resplendent below. You can
      get an idea of the layout in this picture (the ridge in the distance from the
      right side of the reservoir all the way to the top):

      That said, there's not a particularly high chance that we'll actually be doing
      Dog's Tooth on Saturday. It's not safe to hike the ridge in rain or heavy fog,
      and with the recent (and predicted) weather, it's not looking too good.

      Continuing right along, we join the main trail up Lantau Peak just shy of the
      top (from the main trail, you can spot the end of the Dog's Tooth trail from the
      "Danger! Road Closed! Do not pass this point! Cliffs!" sign posted at the top).
      From the top we'll head down towards the saddle between Lantau and Sunset Peaks,
      where you can either take a bus or walk back to Tung Chung (I plan on walking).
      Should be 4-6 hours.

      If Dog's Tooth is off due to the weather, I'll substitute a similarly strenuous,
      but less treacherous, walk up the endless steps to just below Sunset Peak, then
      along the ridges to the left, past Lin Fa Shan, down to the hills behind Mui Wo,
      and up again to Discovery Bay.

      For Dog's Tooth, we'll take No 11 bus at 10:05, so if you find yourself on a
      train that arrives at Tung Chung after 9:55, run for the bus and you might make
      it. If you miss the bus, I'm afraid you miss the hike. Please remember that you
      may wait up to 12 minutes for a train to Tung Chung. The substitute hike departs
      directly from Tung Chung.

      I suggest bringing pants, shoes, food, wate... Wait a second, why am I telling
      you these things? I already said experienced hikers only, so if you don't know
      what to bring, you shouldn't be on this hike (but Anna and Michael have a nice
      one on HK Island).

      I'm reachable at 9047-0651. Hope to see you there!
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