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New Year Saturday Hike - Feb 5th - Buffalo Ridge

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  • glbglb1
    For those who didn t get around to planning something for New Year, or for everyone who had planned to finally see Luxor, I ll lead a hike this Saturday (Feb
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      For those who didn't get around to planning something for New Year, or for everyone who had planned to finally see Luxor, I'll lead a hike this Saturday (Feb 5).

      Leader - Greg Blumenthal - 9047-0651
      Meeting Place/Time: 9:45 AM - Choi Hung MTR, downstairs near the gates on the exit C side
      Difficulty - Medium+, 4-5 hours
      Weather - Couldn't be better. Sunny, cool, windy, dry - You'll be kicking yourself if you don't get up for this one.

      This hike is shamelessly stolen from Lorraine, who lead it last season, whereupon it became an instant favorite of mine. We'll take the bus up the hill to Tseng Lan Shue. That's the village where the Wilson trail crosses Clearwater Bay Road (drivers/Sai Kung types may meet us here at 10:15, but give me a call).

      We head over some mild bumps on the Wilson trail, though some deep woods, past the Varanasi house, down to the top of Ho Chung Road, and then up the wonderful old path connecting to the abandoned Tai No village with its well-maintained ancestral hall. We'll take the left-hand path (Dead Pig Trail) up to the ridge, where we join the Maclehose near Buffalo Pass. Then it's along the ridge towards Ma On Shan, eventually descending on the Sha Tin/Ma On Shan side (exact details of the descent to be decided, but you have my personal guarantee (for what that's worth these days) that it won't be too bad). We'll end up somewhere along the KCR Ma On Shan line. Of course those who want to end up in Sai Kung can head off the right side instead.

      Bring lunch, water, hat, Octopus cards, rabbit. You can bail out into Ho Chung after an hour or two, but once you're headed up to the ridge, not too many options to shorten things. Kids are OK, if they can hike up steep stuff (I'll be bringing Jason). Dogs are OK if they don't eat kids (and you have some way to get them to the start of the hike).

      Hope to see you there, and Happy New Year!

      , greg
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