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hike saturday 6. jan. 2007

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  • Christine Loeffler
    Saturday 6 January...Maclehose Trail Section 3 For those looking for a bit of adventure and to shift that post Xmas flab; this is the hike for you. It s got
    Message 1 of 195 , Jan 3, 2007
      Saturday 6 January...Maclehose Trail Section 3

      For those looking for a bit of adventure and to shift
      that post Xmas flab; this is the hike for you.

      It's got plenty of grunt, plenty of great views and a
      couple of nice hills.

      Time: Meet at SaiKung Taxi Stand in Sai Kung town
      at 10am sharp. From there, we will either take Bus 94,
      or taxis to Pak Tam Au

      The hike begins with a steep hill which will test the
      best of us for the New Year. Following this initial climb, the trail winds

      thru' some beautiful countryside, culminating in arguably one of the most
      difficult climbs of the entire Maclehose trail; up Kai Kung Shan.

      From this peak, the trail slowly drops, eventually finishing
      at Shui Long Wo. From here we can readily take bus 299 to either Sai Kung
      of Shatin.

      Difficulty: This is a tough hike, so it deserves a Strenuous
      rating . Duration should be 4-5 hours. Distance is about 10km. Please do
      not bring kids; it is just too difficult.

      Bring the usual hat and sunscreen etc and PLENTY OF WATER.

      Leader: John Teather. Phone 9739 4878 or johnthevet@...

      Please be advised that the information contained herein is confidential and intended only for use by the individual stated above. If you are not the named recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, distribution, dissemination, or copying is prohibited. If this information has been directed to you in error, please contact the sender immediately at the telephone number listed above.

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    • SaturdayHikers@yahoogroups.com
      SaturdayHikers have officially stopped hikes as of June 2011. We officially commence hikes again from October 2011. If anyone wishes to lead a hike from
      Message 195 of 195 , Sep 18, 2011
        SaturdayHikers have officially stopped hikes as of June 2011. We officially commence hikes again from October 2011. If anyone wishes to lead a hike from October onwards, please inform us of your choice of Saturday and we will put you on our hiking list for our next season.

        However, if any one wishes to lead a short (2 hrs max?) hike over the summer months with swimming/rock pools etc and/or eating at a dai pai dong at the end, please post your hike or let one of convenors know (see below):

        Our hikes depend upon volunteer leaders and if you wish to volunteer to lead a hike, please email Lynn on twiggyseymour@... or Bill on asialog@... (in case one of us is away) with your choice of date (after checking if it is available below)and your name will be pasted on this list. Please be specific as to area of your hike so that others planning a hike will not duplicate in the same area, e.g. Tai O, Lantau and not just "Lantau". You will need to send out full details of your hike or activity during the week prior to the Saturday by posting them on this website yourself.

        Please realise that you have responsibility as a leader to know the hike you lead well (eg. to have recced the hike recently prior to leading it). An advantage is take chalk with you to mark the correct turnings if there are several choices and in order to allow slower hikers to follow the correct way and not get lost! If your group is very small, the leader should keep with the group to ensure they do not get lost and are guided to the end of the hike.

        Additional Information to be provided by the leader in an e-mail a few days before the hike:

        Meeting Place & Time:
        How to get there:
        Itinerary :
        Start and End Locations:
        Detailed Description:
        Possible Hike exits for an easy alternative:
        Walking Time:
        What to bring? :
        Leader contact telephone details:

        Greg Blumenthal, one of our hikers, has created two First Aid Kits � one large and one small (the small one is very compact and of a light weight). We should like our hike leaders to carry one of these kits in their backpack in case of need. Ideally we would wish that one hike leader arrange to pass it to the next hike leader or a hiker who knows they can attend the next hike to pass it onto the leader. Once we get into this habit, hopefully it will work out. Failing that, you can give the kit back to Greg and the next leader can arrange to pick it up from him. We have had some falls during hikes where minor medical care was needed and without plasters, sterile wipes etc, it could have been very uncomfortable for the hiker to continue.

        Over a year ago we started doing 2 hikes every Saturday so that we do not have large unmanageable groups and make it difficult to take public transport i.e. buses or taxis. We usually ask that we have one strenuous or moderate hike and one easy hike. We need leaders for the 2 different hike levels.


        Disclaimer. Participants in walks do so entirely at their own risk. No responsibility is implied or taken for any inaccuracies in the itineraries. The walks may be cancelled, the destination changed or the level of endurance altered without prior notice. By joining the walk, all participants are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer, and agreed to exonerate the walk leaders, The organisers and any other participants in the walk from any liabilities, claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries or damages arising thereof.


        REMINDER - It is the hike leader's responsibility to post full details of their hike during the week prior to their hike (see guidelines above). Some leaders have not indicated the level of fitness for their hike ie 'easy', 'moderate' or 'strenuous' - please let Lynn or Bill known so we can add this to your hike.

        We will list hike dates from here:

        For example: Hike 1 (area) - (put here whether strenuous/moderate/easy) - (name of hike leader)

        e.g. October 3 Walk: (area to be given)
        Leader: (name)
        Level: (Easy ? Moderate? Strenuous?)

        HIKES FROM OCTOBER 2011:

        This document is located at
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