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2153Bike ride for SAT NOV 30th - Disneyland

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  • glbglb1
    Nov 28 1:45 AM
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      (Whoops. That's Saturday Nov 30th, please ignore earlier posting for the 29th)

      It's finally time for our second annual bike-hike. The first one was not without incident, but I think that everyone enjoyed it. This time, it's a new and improved format (no hike). Posted by Greg on behalf of Grace


      Bicycle ride from Tung Chung to Disneyland and Picnic at Inspiration Lake 

      Start time: 9:45 a.m. at Tung Chung MTR Station 

      From there, we will catch a bus or hop on a taxi (depending how many of us) and go to a bicycle shop at Ma Wan Chung Village to rent bicycles.  The costs if I remember  is about $60-80 for the whole day.  The bicycle shop opens at 10 a.m.  You can also rent a basket for the bike about $5.

      We will then bike to Disneyland which will take about 2 - 2 1/2 hours (if I remember it right) one way .  The beginning part is along a bike path (about 30 - 40 %) along the coast line but then we will have to take our bikes on the road all the way to Disneyland.  So no kids please!  The road is not bustling with vehicles but still you have to watch out - the road is more for the disneyland buses so they are used to looking out for bicyclist.  Once we reach Disneyland at Inspiration Lake there is a 7 -11 shop there where you can buy snacks and drinks.  The food there is nothing great so I suggest that you buy a picnic lunch beforehand.  We can then laze on the grass and enjoy lunch on the lake.   

      All up, about a 4 - 5 hour ride in total.  Wear a helmet if you have one and be well padded on the bicycle! 

      Grace - Mobile: 94807626