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2147Hike for Nov 2nd - Mount Parker

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  • glbglb1
    Oct 31, 2013

      My primary hike leader and two alternate hike leaders weren't able to lead one this Saturday, so you're stuck with me again. It will be Greg's no-longer-infamous Mount Parker hike. Last year I tried this hike again, and found the right path. So the scary, painful, dangerous parts from 2010 are a thing of the past (but it is still a relatively challenging hike by HK Island standards.)


      Time: November 2nd, 10:00 AM

      Place: Sai Wan Ho MTR - Downstairs near the ticket gates

      Duration: 5 hours, with bailouts available

      Rating: Moderate+ with some steep/overgrown bits

      Leader: Greg B. 9047-0651


      Starting at a civilized 10AM in Sai Wan Ho MTR, we'll head up though the housing estates, and let the escalators carry us up the first 70 vertical meters. After a little climb up the ridge, we take a detour through both lower and upper Red River Gorge, then climb back up to the ridge, and head straight up the side of Mount Parker (this is the steep bit, and has been known to be slippery too). We'll take the road less traveled from the peak of Mount Parker to Quarry Gap, through some surprisingly remote-feeling territory (but not as remote-feeling that time in 2010 which doesn't bear mentioning). Once when I was up there, I spotted a wild boar. Then we head up Mount Butler the wrong way (the other steep bit), and down partly on the Wilson Trail, through Johncock Gorge, ending at Braemar Hill, where buses back to town will be standing by.

      I'm calling it a moderate-plus. There are two substantial climbs which are steep, but not all that long (650 total vertical meters). Lots of bailouts are available. This is not a great kids hike, as the vegetation is a bit on the aggressive side (definitely wear long pants and long sleeves). No shops once we leave Sai Wan Ho, so bring whatever you plan wear/consume. The observatory is currently predicting a cloudy with a chance of showers.

      Hope to see you all there!