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RE: [Sasquatch_Memorial] Forever my friend and family...miss you!

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  • Megan H
    It was my pleasure...Sasquatch was a very good friend!I have been thinking of him allot lately! Thank you for setting up a sight for his memorial! Cheers Megs
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 2010
      It was my pleasure...Sasquatch was a very good friend!I have been thinking of him allot lately! Thank you for setting up a sight for his memorial! Cheers Megs  

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      Thank you for your letter...I think of him often myself! And yeah, I wonder who got the golden cock, too! I will tell you a funny story about one of his "objects:: He acquired a Tibetan SKULL BOWL years ago at a Nelson garage sale (!), and I was GREEN with ENVY. Years later, some time after I was informed of his death, I thought of that skull bowl and idly wondered what happened to it...then his brother showed up with some of his personal effects for me to have as keepsakes...one of which was that SKULL BOWL.

      Lilith M. Wine is strong, a king is stronger, women stronger still, but Truth shall conquer all! (Inscription on Rosslyn Chapel)


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      Subject: [Sasquatch_Memorial] Forever my friend and family...miss you!

      I met Sasquatch when I was a child, about 13 years old or younger, early 30's now. Since that young age He has been always around and I have a life time dotted with his memory....when I was 15 he lived with a friend of mine..he would place little things on ledges of doors and hide objects around the house, when I was about 17 he asked me once if anyone had ever sucked on my nose...yep I said no and when he asked me if he could I said yes...ok and odd experience as he sucked the bridge of my nose on Baker St in Nelson...but one I would never of had with out him...adventuring around Nelson as I often have in my youth I stumbled across one of his many "sacred sites" decorated with a splendor of things...my eyes caught a glimps of a copper bracelet...trading it for a nug I had at the time I wore that copper for years(since gone on it's travels)...He was a special friend of our mutual friend who is also passed and I feel greatness knowing they are together(I love you Jackie)...you guys were roommates in life at times and I know the two of you are together now I know this to be true.....keep an eye on her Sasquatch. I was blessed once with a plaster cast of His penis...painted gold of course...I set it on a ledge in a house that I rented and it fell back into the wall....I wanted to get it out but also was excited for the person who may someday stumble apon His golden member...LOL! That house was the house next to the house he passed away in...I was his land mate for years...the house has since been torn down...wonder who got the golden cock! While sharing land with him about 12 years ago now...my kids broke a plastic sprinkler he had....for years when ever I saw Him He would ask me when I was going to replace that sprinkler...It was driving me crazy...so I dragged my feet on replacing it...I would like to now..if any know of His resting place. I could go on forever....but I will stop now.....Cheers Megan H

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