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The Eye in the Triangle

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  • sephirah5
    Dear All: The following is an account of a meditation and ritual I did on the night of the 25th of December. I doubt if I have mentioned here on this list at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2005
      Dear All:
      The following is an account of a meditation and ritual I did
      on the night of the 25th of December. I doubt if I have
      mentioned here on this list at any point that aside from being a
      Western adept(8=3 or thereabouts), I am also a Tantric initiate, and
      a longtime devotee of the Shiva Lingam, the most powerful of the
      eastern God-Symbols, and generally represented by a STONE..It is my
      wont and custom to meditate for a minimum of an hour each night..it
      used to be 6 or 7 hours a night, five or six days a week, for four
      or five years, but since I acquired a companion two years ago, I
      have had to modify my practice considerably. The point of stating
      this is to establish the fact that I have been engaged in serious
      spiritual work for a considerable time now, and it is a fact that my
      regular life-such as it is!-fits in around my spiritual practice and
      not the other way around, as is the usual situation with most
      people. I do not watch TV, I rarely "party", or even go out,as too
      much exposure to the outside world is very disruptive to spiritual
      practice, as you doubtless know.

      I had noticed some odd phenomena occurring previous to this, such
      as my shadow turning GREEN one afternoon, and the fact that the Eye
      in the Triangle is/was following me everywhere. The advertising for
      the movie "National Treasure" does not explain it, as this symbol
      was constantly (and I do mean constantly; sometimes up to three or
      four times a day for the last week or three!) appearing to me in
      places that had nothing to do with any movie propaganda..I could
      hardly open a book or magazine at random, or glance casually about
      anywhere in public without my eyes meeting its singular gaze, it
      seemed! Then, the day before Xmas, I bought myself a Vogue magazine
      as a treat.(I had wanted to be a fashion designer at one time) It
      was to be the catalyst that precipitated a very powerful and telling
      meditation and Invocation, combining practices of both the East AND
      the West, at what turned out to be a very crucial moment of the
      turning world...

      To wit:

      ...It is odd, but I had a very powerful meditation
      the night of the
      25th..I went so far that I was teetering on the very
      extreme limit of my own sanity. I had been meditating
      on what I had seen in the December issue of Vogue
      magazine that day..an article on AIDS in India, with a
      photo of a skeletal Indian boy, Dilli Babu, sitting
      like a tiny sadhu all alone, a halo of red around his
      pathetic, wasted little head, dying slowly and
      painfully in the last stages of AIDS, with his
      suffering juxtaposed against the most vain and
      self-indulgent wallow of useless overpriced vanity
      goods destined for the rich and privileged of the
      Most sickening of all was a Guess ad shot of that
      monster of narcissism, self-centredness, and
      debauchery, Paris Hilton, lounging in luxuried excess
      next to a pool with her dog between her legs. It was
      clear the intent of this image was meant to play on
      the idea of bestiality and her reputation for
      unbridled sexual indulgence. She was smirking at the
      camera, legs spread wide. It was too much. After
      having read the article on the unacknowledged ravages
      of AIDS in India, and the silent horrendous suffering
      of innocent little Dilli Babu and thousands of
      children like him, this disgusting depiction tore it
      for me; I could read no further. Nor do I think I will
      be able to do so ever again..A wave of anger, shame,
      guilt, and nausea at the iniquity of my belonging to a
      humanity that would countenance such evil to occur
      washed over me. I went to my meditation in this state
      of mind. As I lit the spirit lamp before Ganesha, I
      called upon God to witness this outrage, that such
      evil should be allowed to exist any longer, and wept
      there at the Mother's feet for the suffering of a
      child I had never known.

      I felt the Temple form about me as my Kundalini
      began to rise, and I sat there in my meditation seat,
      gripped the arms of my throne and began my Invocation:

      I am She, the Bornless Spirit, having Sight in the
      Feet, strong as the Immortal Fire!

      I am She, the Truth!

      I am She Who hate that evil should be wrought in the

      I am She Who lightningeth and thundereth!

      I am She from Whom is the Power of Life upon Earth!

      I am She whose Mouth ever Flameth!

      I am She, the Begetter and Manifestor unto the Light!

      I am She, the Grace of the World!


      As I sat there, calling on the Power, I felt a great
      and terrible primal rage well up against all those who
      violate the Dharma, who pervert the sacrament of sex
      for their selfish ends, who fulfill their appetites at
      the expense of others and pay no heed to the dreadful
      consequences, and at the climax of the Invocation, I
      assumed the Form of Dakshineswar Kali, raising My
      great hooked blade and bringing it crashing down
      upon the earth, sending a shockwave in all
      directions...it was very strange, to be at one with
      that Cosmic Anger and yet be myself at the same
      time..I felt like Arjuna confronted with the Vision of
      the Destroyer in the Bhagavad-Gita, and yet I was one
      with the Vision itself...it was those words that kept
      me safe, echoing in my heart during the climax of that
      dreadful vision...

      "..But the worlds also behold Thy fearful mighty
      Form, with many mouths and eyes, with many bellies,
      thighs and feet, frightening with terrible teeth; they
      tremble in fear, and I also tremble...

      When I see Thy vast Form reaching the sky, burning
      with many colours, with wide open mouths,with vast
      flaming eyes, my heart shakes in terror;my power is
      gone and gone is my peace, O Mother!

      Like the fire at the End of Time which burns all in
      the last day, I see Thy vast mouths and Thy terrible
      teeth...As roaring torrents of waters rush forwards
      into the ocean, so do these heroes of our mortal world
      rush into Thy flaming mouths!

      And as moths swiftly rushing enter a burning flame
      and die, so all these people rush to Thy fire, rush
      fast to their own destruction!

      The flames of Thy mouths devour all the worlds. Thy
      glory fills the whole universe. But how terrible Thy
      splendours burn!..."

      It was this memory of the Vision of Arjuna, that I
      believe saved me from being swept away to madness..I
      can barely describe the feeling, or what I saw, but I
      could feel a horrendous pressure right back of my eyes
      the size of a soccer ball, and I thought my head was
      going to burst! I directed the pressure out into the
      Sahasrara and felt it coalesce like a blazing red halo
      around my head and eventually came fully back to
      myself, thankful that I had not started screaming
      aloud! I felt like I had been aboard a plane that
      had been crashing but had somehow managed to make my
      way back to earth! I sat there a long time, thinking,
      after the meditation was done, so long, in fact, my
      companion had to come down and knock on the door! I
      said nothing to him about it, I just thought it was
      simply a particularly vivid and active session, nor
      did I really want to bring any memory of what I had
      experienced back just yet!

      But the next day, when I signed on to the Internet
      to check my e-mail, there it was: at approximately the
      time that the vision had occurred, a tremendous
      earthquake had shaken the Far East.

      Lilith M.
      Wine is strong, a king is stronger, women stronger still...but Truth
      shall conquer all!
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