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RE: [Sasquatch_Memorial] What a shame.. dream of Richard

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  • Stevland Ambrose
    I had a dream recently that was very powerful. I found myself at a house party. We were out back, sitting around a fire in a circle of friends. At some
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2004

      I had a dream recently that was very powerful.


      I found myself at a house party.  We were out back, sitting around a fire in a circle of friends.  At some point, I became aware that there was another semi-circle of people that were almost attached to our group, but they had their own little fire.  As my eyes adjusted to the faces in the darkness, I realized that Richard/ Sasquatch/ Imhotep as sitting in the group.  I was extremely excited to see my friend.  Luckily, I was sitting beside my friend Lupa, a very wise woman who was also very close to Richard.  “Lupa,” I exclaimed, “Imhotep is over there!” “Yes,” she replied, “I know.”  I started to rise from my seat with the intention of going to greet him.  Lupa put her hands on my shoulders and forced me back into my chair.  “You can’t go over there,” said she.  “Imhotep is dead.  You know that.”  “But he’s just RIGHT THERE…” I said, as I attempted to rise again.  Once again, Lupa forced me to remain seated.


      Imhotep is dead, and the logic of this started to sink in.  I was still resilient in my desire to communicate with him, however.  I raised my hand in the air and waved.  I attempted to call out his name.  I can’t quite explain in words how it came out of my mouth.  The sound of my own voice was distorted, warped, and unearthly.  It struck me that this is what it sounds like when the uninitiated try and talk to the dead.  All at once, it felt like electricity was coursing through my body.  I was in shock.


      As I started at Imhotep, I desperately wanted some sort of acknowledgment from him.  I wanted reassurance that we had a deep bond, that we were still friends-- that he still cared about me.  He looked back at me with a deep indifference in his eyes.  I felt very hurt.


      My dream carried on; as such vivid dreams tend to do.  All sorts of things happened, but nothing significant.  The party was over.  A new day had begun.  All of the guests of the party had departed.  The host and/ or hostess (I can’t recall whom it was) also wanted to leave; they asked me if I would stay around and look after the house.  I accepted this responsibility.


      In the backyard was a goldfish pond, not unlike the pond that I have in my own yard at home.  I started to notice something that struck me as very odd.  The goldfish were noticeably getting larger.  As I watched in disbelief, they continued to grow rapidly.  Soon, the pond was filled to the brim with the 40 or so goldfish that now must have weighted 30 or 40 pounds each.  I panicked!  “How are they going to survive?!” Suddenly, one of the goldfish jumped out of the pond.  I ran over and picked its squirming body off of the grass and threw it back into the pond.  Another jumped out, and then another.  I was falling all over myself, trying to keep them in the pond.  It occurred to me, from the look in their eyes, that they were deliberately trying to commit suicide.  They didn’t appreciate the fact that I was working against their own willful intent.  I woke up in a sweat.


      It took me several hours to put it all together.  I admit that I am a bit slow.  Many of you that knew Imhotep by one of more of his names may have already arrived at an interpretation of this dream.


      Richard was a Pisces; if ever there was an archetypal Pisces that walked this earth, it was he.


      He loved to take long baths.  He loved the water.  He was a fish.


      When we lived together, I used to hound him to improve his diet.  I begged him, I scolded him, I reminded him how fat he was getting and pointed out that his body could not sustain him very long in that way.


      Now he is gone.  He left this world, and is probably more comfortable in his new surroundings.  My interpretation of the dream is that, he is saying to me, “Stop invoking my memory all the time.  Let go.  Accept the path that I have chosen.”


      In the past few months, I have done a lot to celebrate my memory of him and to honor the influence he had on my life.  For me, now, it is time to start letting go.  It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I declare this to be my last tribute to a fucking awesome and unspeakably powerful person.  I will now unsubscribe from this mailing list.  Thanks, Lilith.


      Stevland Ambrose

      Nelson, BC


      Hi Lilith

      As you did I thought there would have been more interest in this site.  I
      have taken comfort in the knowledge that it was here and have visited from
      time to time.  You were very kind setting it up for Rick's/Imhotep's loved
      ones.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
      I can't believe it has been almost six months.  Mom and Dad are still
      hurting.  Day by day they get a little stronger. 
      I'm still hoping to sit down with you and get your thoughts on tape.


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      There has been nothing doing on this site and I may close it down
      soon, unless i can generate some response here.
                                                  Lilith M.

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