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Re: Lest we forget...

... presence of our dear friend Sasquatch/Imhotep! I thought I would give a shout-out to the membership on this occasion; hope you are all well! I think of him
Mar 15, 2011

Lest we forget...

It was 7 years ago today that we all were deprived of the earthly presence of our dear friend Sasquatch/Imhotep! I thought I would give a shout-out to the
Mar 13, 2011

Re: Forever my friend and family...miss you!

It was my pleasure...Sasquatch was a very good friend!I have been thinking of him allot lately! Thank you for setting up a sight for his memorial! Cheers Megs
Megan H
Oct 1, 2010

Re: Forever my friend and family...miss you!

Thank you for your letter...I think of him often myself! And yeah, I wonder who got the golden cock, too! I will tell you a funny story about one of his
Lilith M
Sep 23, 2010

Forever my friend and family...miss you!

I met Sasquatch when I was a child, about 13 years old or younger, early 30's now. Since that young age He has been always around and I have a life time dotted
Sep 21, 2010

Sasquatch, Imhotep, Rick

It's been so long. I think of him often. I've felt his presence lately.
Mar 3, 2009

checking in

I feel so close to happy tears. What an amazing man. I spent a short time in Imhotep's presence but who has met him without being deeply touched. I check in
Jan 27, 2008


Since I moved to Belize, in '93 and got access to the internet '97 I have been attempting to dig him... the day before yesterday I finally put in the proper
Jan 26, 2008

Richard Roberts

I am first finding out about Richard, it is almost 4 years since he has passed and I am sad. I knew Richard about 30 years ago when I was a young teen. He
Jan 25, 2008

Re: miss U

A friend in passing. We meet about 7 years ago at wiccan fest. He was a good soul that I remember and felt the grief when I heard that he was gone when told
Apr 9, 2007

Re: miss U

So who is this? This is "Sasquatch's" wife, Lilith.I miss him too! Lilith M. Wine is strong, a king is stronger, women stronger still, but Truth shall conquer
Lilith M
Apr 9, 2007

miss U

I remember you with a smile. Even if the nudge came for a spam. Love Always' Dee
Apr 9, 2007

Re: Dropping by to say hello

I miss him too. I miss what he brought to my life, and my children, and I think of what he brought to everyone else. We were pretty damn lucky. Mary ... From:
m. defeo
Apr 6, 2006

Dropping by to say hello

Hi I was a good friend of Sasquatch a long time ago, and although I was out of town when he went to the otherworld I did think of him and all of his friends
Apr 6, 2006

Correction: art show Saturday, July 2nd

Hi, Imhotep's work will be shown at the end of St.Thomas Road in Appledale, Slocan Valley, on Saturday, July 2nd, starting in the early afternoon and going
Jun 26, 2005
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