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  • Donna Cork
    Great Birds! I have one question, I can t find a Wilson s Snipe in my Petersons, can you give me some help on that? Donna ... From: M A To:
    Message 1 of 53 , Nov 12, 2003
      Great Birds! I have one question, I can't find a Wilson's Snipe in my Petersons, can you give me some help on that? Donna
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      Subject: [Saskbirds] Swift Current...

      We had a phone call last night from our birding friend, Ron J, who saw
      some interesting birds on Sunday Nov 09 when he was out doing some
      birding -- along the Swift Current Creek flowing through the Southside
      Park (CPR Dam), he saw a Rusty Blackbird missing its tail, a Redhead, a
      Green-winged Teal with a broken wing, & 2 Wilson's Snipes that flew off

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    • M A
      Weather-wise, we haven t had a bad week... but I know the farmers /ranchers are really hoping for moisture in this area. It is very dry. This past week or so
      Message 53 of 53 , Jun 20, 2009
        Weather-wise, we haven't had a bad week... but I know the farmers
        /ranchers are really hoping for moisture in this area. It is very dry.

        This past week or so our yard and immediate neighbourhood, we have been
        seeing (or hearing) the 'usuals' most days.

        Hawks (2 Northern Harriers [flying over the Prairie, just north of us] &
        2 Swainson's Hawks [flying over the neighbourhood])
        Gulls (Franklin's and Ring-billed - flying over)
        Doves (6-10 Rock Pigeons flying over, plus 2-4 Mourning Doves hanging
        Northern Flicker (on occasion - usually heard more often than seen)
        Flycatchers (1 Least Flycatcher & 2-4 Western Kingbirds [a WEKI pair is
        nesting in the next door neighbour's evergreens])
        2-4 American Crows (flying over)
        Swallows (2-5 Purple Martins & 4-6 Tree Swallows)
        1 Red-breasted Nuthatch (seen on occasion, but usually just heard)
        2 House Wrens
        Thrushes (Swainson's Thrushes [seen on occasion, but usually just heard]
        & several American Robins)
        at least 1 Gray Catbird (seen every few days)
        25-30 Cedar Waxwings
        Warblers (2 or 3 Yellow Warblers - sometimes seen, most often heard )
        Sparrows (Clay-colored Sparrows - heard only)
        Blackbirds (at least 2-4 Brewer's Blackbirds, a few Common Grackles & at
        least 4 Brown-headed Cowbirds)
        Baltimore Oriole (seen on occasion, but more often heard singing nearby)
        Finches (at least 4 or 5 House Finches including 2 recent fledglings, at
        least 6-8 Pine Siskins, & at least 5 or 6 American Goldfinches)
        & too many House Sparrows (including 4 fledglings)

        1 young Nuttall's Cottontail
        1 or 2 young Black-phased Gray Squirrels

        I think the one nestbox in front of our living room window is now
        hosting just hatched Tree Swallows. The adult Tree Swallow pair have
        been going in and out constantly since June 18 (that is when we first
        noticed this more constant activity.) The Tree Swallows in the backyard
        aren't as busy yet. The Purple Martin pair continue their separatist
        ways as they chase off any other of the 3 Purple Martins that try to
        check out the gourd housing. Colonists these two are not!

        The Purple Martins put the run on the young squirrels.... poor little
        rodents don't know what to think about that!

        Common Grackles have been hanging around hassling the Western
        Kingbirds... a couple mornings, I thought for sure they would succumb to
        the Grackle attacks but they seem to be holding their own against the
        black marauders (for now.) We have had to stop putting out peanuts for
        the squirrels because the Grackles discovered the new food source. We
        do not want to encourage them.
        This week, one of our local Naturalist members told Larry he has a
        problem with something eating the fish in his pond -- a Belted
        Kingfisher has been diving in for quick treats. This member lives along
        the Swift Current Creek, and has Bank Swallows nesting nearby, and
        likely the Kingfishers. Living where they do, they are enjoying Am.
        White Pelicans on the Creek from time to time (but did not have any
        Egrets this year.)

        Wishing you all happy birding,

        - Mary Ann and Larry, Swift Current
        50° 17' 00" N - 107° 48' 00" W
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