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Re: [Saskbirds] Last Bird, First...

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  • Bob Parsons
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    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2011
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      On 31/12/2011 7:09 PM, gwapple2001 wrote:
      > Fellow Birders,
      > A slight correction regarding my previous post. My first winter
      > Pied-billed Grebe was on Dec. 5th (NOT the 3rd), 1999.
      > Today was recovery day. Last night the four adults went out to
      > celebrate with a dual purpose: The Estevan CBC result, as well as
      > Shauna and Craig's wedding anniversary. Well in truth, it was mostly
      > to fete the latter! We had an excellent meal and followed it up with
      > more great fun at the Boston Pizza lounge afterwards.
      > Late this afternoon, after running a couple of errands, I had Craig
      > drop me off at the west end of town. I needed to work out the last of
      > the cobwebs from a very fuzzy evening!
      > Today's temps were similar to yesterdays, but the gusty and blustery
      > west winds made me VERY happy that we did the count when we did!
      > Nevertheless, I did manage to find a few birds, including two each of
      > White-breasted Nuthatch and House Finch for count period. Of course,
      > had we spent more time in town, we probably would have added these to
      > our list, but c'est le vie...
      > On the way back to the house, my last daylight bird was a Eurasian
      > Collared-Dove.
      > I assumed my last bird of 2011 would be Canada Goose. The previous two
      > nights, they have passed over Shauna and Craig's by the hundreds on
      > their way south to Boundary Reservoir for the night. However, today's
      > strong winds might have changed the flight plan, as not a single goose
      > passed overhead. I gave up looking, and then listening at 1830 hours.
      > So my last bird for 2011 will be ECDO!
      > My last mammal for 2011 were 3 Mule Deer, which we saw late in the
      > afternoon near Roche Percee.
      > I look forward to everyone's last/first sightings tomorrow...
      > Guy

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