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  • Kevin
    I was away in Ottawa and came back to catch up on messages. Read Bob s email about the Sabine s Gull last night before bed and this message this morning.
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 2011
      I was away in Ottawa and came back to catch up on messages. Read Bob's email about the Sabine's Gull last night before bed and this message this morning.

      Coincidentially last night when I went to bed I was reading one of Anne Cleeve's bird watcher mysteries (Come Death and High Water), one of the birders on the island where the murder takes place - sees a Sabine's Gull which was needed for the island observatory's bird list.


      --- In Saskbirds@yahoogroups.com, Ryan Dudragne <pl8guy@...> wrote:
      > Good Evening All,
      > Late this afternoon, Dan Sawatzky and I visited Buck Lake, beginning at
      > the south end. With strong winds and thick heat haze far out on the lake
      > viewing was not ideal and there was little bird movement in the air
      > other than Snow Geese and Lapland Longspurs.
      > Around 17:30 (+/- 10 min), I caught view of the juvenile Sabine's Gull
      > as it flew above the water far out on the lake heading roughly east. At
      > one point it doubled back higher in the air then reversed course and
      > flew quickly and directly in a westerly direction toward the peninsula
      > and irrigation equipment beyond the lake. I lost sight of it in this
      > direction, but it is probable that it landed again in the choppy waters
      > near the SW end of the lake. Unfortunately, Dan did not observe the
      > bird; nor did Kim Mann, who had joined us at the south end.
      > Searching over the next hour from 270° around the lake failed to
      > relocate the bird. Other species observed included the following:
      > Greater White-fronted Goose - roughly 25 or more birds swimming in the
      > SE corner of the lake
      > Snow Geese
      > Northern Shoveler - 3 scruffy looking birds swimming near shore
      > Bufflehead - 5 + 7 from the observed from the road along the west end
      > Western Grebe - 2
      > Northern Harrier - 1 hunting over the field, distant probable
      > Red-taileds as well
      > American Coot
      > Killdeer
      > Sabine's Gull - 1 juvenile (see above)
      > Franklin's Gull - 24 took flight from the centre and departed SSE
      > Horned Lark - a couple scattered among longspurs
      > Lapland Longspur - several flocks (~250+) around the lake
      > Best of Birding,
      > Ryan Dudragne
      > Regina, SK
      > --- In Saskbirds@yahoogroups.com, tsb2001@ wrote:
      > >
      > > This bird, or perhaps more than one, was seen first after 5:30 and
      > then appeared to have left the area within fifteen minutes. Later, I
      > located a similarly plumaged juvenile bird, or more likely the same one
      > ? foraging with a couple of distant phalarope species near dusk. (I
      > suspect these phalaropes were Red-necked.).
      > >
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