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Re: Planning a Point Pelee trip

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  • Kevin
    As others have said, birding at Pelee is amazing and I ve never been there during the major migrations. So if it s amazing during normal times then during
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 8, 2011
      As others have said, birding at Pelee is amazing and I've never been there during the major migrations. So if it's amazing during "normal" times then during migrations must be surreal.

      But I will pass on a note of caution which are TICKS. We're used to ticks here in SK but in Pelee they have at least two types including one of the tiny ones that are very hard to see. They also have two "seasons" of ticks unlike our spring one. So just be cautious and use DEET based repellents on your clothes. I tend to think of birders as being more susceptible since we look up all the time and don't think of things like ticks as we push through the undergrowth following that bird we want to see. Although I don't think that is allowed in Pt. Pelee.

      I've never been really worried about ticks and diseases but my buddy in Fort Smith got Lyme Disease from a tick bite in Alberta - the 4th case in AB - and it took him over 2 years to recover and even then not fully and will be on meds the rest of his life. Be careful.


      --- In Saskbirds@yahoogroups.com, Rick Walker <ve5tw@...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > I am planning a trip to Point Pelee in May and was wondering if anyone
      > has been and has any tips re: where to stay, what to do etc.
      > I have lots of birds at my feeder at Christopher Lake every day.
      > 40+ Evening Grosbeaks
      > 10+ Pine Grosbeaks
      > 6 CB Chickadees
      > 4+ Boreal Chickadees
      > 4 WB Nuthatches
      > 4 RB Nuthatches
      > 40+ Common Redpolls
      > 4 Blue jays
      > Hairy Woodpecker
      > Downy Woodpecker
      > Ravens come in trying to steal the suet.
      > The WT Deer are coming in every night now to eat bird seed due to the
      > heavy snow cover. I also have 2 Snowshoe Hare coming into the feeder.
      > The Red Squirrels are been very busy the last week or so.
      > Jeannie
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