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  • gwapple2001
    Hi Bruce/Jim/Fellow Birders, I m often off topic on this forum, but usually manage to eventually get `back on track . Also joke!!! The sun rose on a beautiful
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
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      Hi Bruce/Jim/Fellow Birders,

      I'm often off topic on this forum, but usually manage to eventually get `back on track'. Also joke!!!

      The sun rose on a beautiful morning here in Saskatoon. I looked down and sure enough, my heart was where it belongs---back INSIDE my chest, after yesterdays most exciting Men's Hockey Gold Medal game!!! I'm always a proud Canuck, but was never more proud or excited when Sid The Kid slid home that great pass from Jarome Iginla on the winning goal in sudden death overtime yesterday. Shades of 1972, 1987 and of course, 2002!!!

      Yet I'm also somewhat depressed today! NO more "Olympic Morning" to watch over coffee! The Games are complete and what a performance by all the athletes, especially our Canadians---both winners and "losers". A record-breaking 14 Golds!

      Of course there were some disappointments (the tragedy of the Georgian luger, our Men's Alpine Ski team, poor Skeleton racer Mellisa Hollingsworth and Cheryl Bernard who should have won Gold in Women's Curling), among others. Then there were the uplifting stories as well: all of our Gold medal performances; the Slovenian Cross Country skier Petra Majdic; Clara Hughes, winning a Bronze medal at age 37, arguably our greatest Olympian ever---male or female!; and of course the courageous skating of Joannie Rochette, after the tragic passing of her mother on the eve of the competition.

      Bruce, you had me blushing with your comments about "prominent" birders who have contributed to bird study across this great land of ours. It would only be prominent if there was a photo of me from the side showing off my proboscis!!! I didn't realize that I had been profiled. While it is nice to be recognized, it's certainly not why I participate in the CBC, BBS, owl surveys, spring and fall bird counts, etc. I do it because I truly love wild creatures, especially the ones wearing feathers.

      Speaking of which, today the House Finches in our neighbourhood were singing strongly on this "in like a lamb" March 1st. With the snow melting and the sun gathering strength with each passing day, it makes one think of spring. And hopefully a "normal" one, as compared to 2009's!

      By the way Bruce, would you please send me an "e" offline to gswap@...? I have somehow deleted you from my `contacts' and have some train info to share with you if you're interestedÂ…

      Cheer(ed) Out,

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