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  • gwapple2001
    Fellow Birders, Late this morning the Three Amigos , better known as Saunders, Dudragne and Wapple made a pre trick or treat run down to Blackstrap
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2009
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      Fellow Birders,

      Late this morning the 'Three Amigos', better known as Saunders, Dudragne and Wapple made a pre "trick or treat" run down to Blackstrap Reservoir. While the weather was less than ideal for part of our 'three hour tour' (steady snow and rain showers) we did manage to locate 36 species. During the drive, we also tuned in the radio and subjected ourselves to the dismal Rider performance down in the Steel City. Brutal!

      However, all was not lost. Our final stop of the day was on the north end dam. At about 1320 hrs., keen-eyed Ryan spotted our only loon of the day amidst the choppy waves. From about 300 metres south of our postition we were able to get very decent views of a winter-plumaged Pacific Loon. Sadly, the bird never got much closer to us, so scope views it was. We were able to obtain all the key field marks, including a couple of glimpses of the thin 'chinstrap'.

      The loon was a lifer for Mr. Saunders, and I believe it was only the third time Ryan has seen this species. Nick was also able to obtain a couple distant photos. I've been slightly more fortunate than my two pals, but it has been several years since I've seen a PA LO anywhere in this province.

      It was definitely a bonus bird for our 2009 lists...


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