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Sask Landing Prov Park... Aug 29 - Sept 02

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    Larry and I went to the Sask Landing Prov Park right after breakfast August 29. We came back into Swift Current to get Ryan after school on August 30 and
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      Larry and I went to the Sask Landing Prov Park right after breakfast August 29.  We came back into Swift Current to get Ryan after school on August 30 and high-tailed it back to the Landing for the remainder of the long weekend...

      Going to the Landing Thursday morning, between Swift Current and Sask Landing, we saw 7 Swainson's Hawks, several Mourning Doves, a few Crows, an Eastern Kingbird, a flock of 25 - 30+ Western Kingbirds, and two flocks of 30+ and 50+ mixed(??) Blackbird flocks.

      At the Sask Landing Aug, 29 - Sept 02, we enjoyed the "Feathers of Fall Migration" and saw:

      Ring-Billed Gulls
      Franklin's Gulls
      American White Pelicans
      American Coots
      Canada Geese
      Mallards (including one female with quite a young duckling... looked pretty little, doesn't look big enough to make the Migration in a few weeks!!)

      Common Loon (we were just making coffee outside Friday morning and first heard the Loon calling... Larry went down to the water hoping to see it and did.  Before I had a chance to get down there, it called again!  I was lucky enough to see it happily riding the waves before it rode out of sight around the point...)

      Double Crested Cormorants
      Great Blue Heron
      Belted Kingfisher (not sure if there was just one or more... we kept seeing him in different places so maybe there was more than the one!!)
      Spotted Sandpiper
      American Kestrels (quite a few!!!)
      Swainson's Hawks
      Loggerhead Shrike
      Northern "Yellow-shafted" Flicker
      Downy Woodpeckers
      Mourning Doves
      Chipping Sparrows
      Vesper Sparrows
      White-throated Sparrows
      Savannah Sparrows
      Lark Sparrows
      Baird's Sparrows (a LIFER!!)
      House Sparrows
      Dark-eyed Juncos
      Western Meadowlarks
      American Crows (many, especially in the trees near our trailer, or so it seemed!)
      Black-billed Magpies
      American Robins
      Swainson's Thrushes
      Northern "Baltimore" Oriole
      Gray Catbird
      Cedar Waxwings (everywhere!!)
      Black-capped Chickadees
      Red-breasted Nuthatches
      Pine Siskins
      American Goldfinches (not as many as we saw last year)
      Black-headed Grosbeak
      Eastern Kingbirds
      Least Flycatcher
      Western Wood Pewee
      Red-Eyed Vireo (a LlFER for Ryan and I)
      Magnolia Warblers
      Black & White Warblers
      Yellow Warblers
      Yellow-rumped "Myrtle" Warblers
      Wilson's Warblers (this morning we found a tree full of them!!)
      Chestnut-sided Warblers (A LIFER)
      American Redstarts (females)
      Northern Waterthrushes
      Barn Swallows
      Sharp-tailed Grouse
      Common Nighthawk

      We had some unidentified ducks, warblers, and sparrows as well.  Ryan is sure some of the Swallows he saw were Northern Rough-winged but I didn't get a good enough look.  He also is sure (but I wasn't 100% convinced) one of the warblers we saw this morning was a 1st year female Blackpoll Warbler.  We also heard the House Wren and Killdeer but they remained out of sight.

      Other critters we saw were White-tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Garter Snake, Mouse (we think a Deer Mouse), and heard the Coyotes Saturday night as we sat around our campfire!

      It was a beautiful weekend, only spoiled by the many mosquitos!!  We did have rain yesterday late afternoon and carried on into the night, but that just made birding better this morning:-)  We were very disappointed that the road west of Goodwin House was closed for some unspecified reason (the best Sask Landing birding is at the end of that road!!) but were happy with the 55+ species we saw and/or heard:-)

      Tomorrow morning I head out to stay overnite in Yorkton, and on to Good Spirit Lake on Wednesday A.M.  I am hoping the weather co-operates so I can get to Good Spirit Park for a couple hours before I have to be at Good Spirit Acres (by 11:30 AM Wednesday!!)

      Happy Birding to everyone... and hope everyone picks up some great lifers with the Fall Migration underway:-)

      - Mary Ann, Larry, & Ryan Dudragne, Swift Current

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