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    We didn t have the best of weather this week... more rain than our local farmers want to see right now. We didn t see the migration fall out we expected to
    Message 1 of 68 , Sep 5, 2008
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      We didn't have the best of weather this week... more rain than our
      local farmers want to see right now. We didn't see the migration fall
      out we expected to see, so had to be content with the few migrants and
      'regulars' we did have.

      Visiting our yard and immediate neighbourhood this past week (Sept 1-4)
      were 1-3 Mourning Doves, 1 Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Sept 2... visiting
      the red Salvia planted annually, especially for them), 1 Red-eyed Vireo
      (Sept 2), 5+ Red-breasted Nuthatches, American Robins (in varying stages
      of juvnileship), 1 Gray Catbird, 1 or 2 Brown Thrashers, 50+ Cedar
      Waxwings (including a number of juveniles), 2 Chipping Sparrows, a
      couple White-throated Sparrows, 2 Orange-crowned Warblers, 4 Yellow
      Warblers, a few Common Grackles, 15+ House Finches (including another
      new family of 3 recent fledglings....), 40+ Pine Siskins, 4 American
      Goldfinches, too many House Sparrows, 1 Nuttall's Cottontail (a
      youngster), & 2-4 Gray Squirrels (2 Black-phased with tail, 1
      Black-phased with a stubby tail and 1 Brown-phased with a gray tail).

      The Pine Siskins continue hanging around in droves.... mooching niger

      Out at work, our 2nd family of Barn Swallows have all fledged.... the
      last 2 of the 5 left in the afternoon of August 29. To see two families
      of young fledge from the same nest and same pair of parents in less than
      6 weeks (since July 15) has truly been a treat for all of us working out
      there (even those who say they aren't interested! One of these such
      guys came in on Tuesday morning and said to me "looks like all your
      birds have left the nest now". Not interested? Hmmmm!)

      Also, out at work, we continue to have 2 Swainson's Hawks, a few
      Mourning Doves, a couple Western Kingbirds, a few Eastern Kingbirds,
      Barn Swallows, American Robins, a few Yellow Warblers, a few Blackbirds
      (though yesterday morning, we had a flock of 200+ Blackbirds on the
      powerline at the north end of the Compressor Station yard.

      Driving to and from work daily, I am seeing several hawks - mostly
      Northern Harriers & Swainson's Hawks, with a few ( Red-tailed Hawks (5
      or 6 RTHA at most, on a good day). There are also the usual flocks of
      Gulls and Blackbirds, and the occasional Killdeer or two, as well as a
      couple Black-billed Magpies, few American Crows, Horned Larks, & a
      precious few Western Meadowlarks now. The Pronghorn are forming larger
      herds (starting to see as many as 30 or so now), and seem to prefer
      standing in the middle of the grid road instead of anywhere else! One
      has to be very alert to even see them some days (especially those dreary
      overcast days) as they blend in so well with their surroundings.

      Happy birding as we get ready to move into the weekend....

      - Mary Ann and Larry, Swift Current
      50° 17' 00" N - 107° 48' 00" W
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      It was a fairly quiet three days (May 6-8) in and around our neighhbourhood: 2 Northern Harriers (1 female, 1 male - May 7) 1 Merlin Franklin s Gulls (flying
      Message 68 of 68 , May 9, 2013
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        It was a fairly quiet three days (May 6-8) in and around our neighhbourhood:

        2 Northern Harriers (1 female, 1 male - May 7)
        1 Merlin
        Franklin's Gulls (flying over)
        2 Rock Pigeons (flying over)
        Blue Jays (heard only May 6)
        a few American Crows
        1-3 Purple Martins
        3-4 Tree Swallows
        4 Red-breasted Nuthatches
        1 Swainson's Thrush
        several American Robins
        1 Orange-crowned Warbler
        1 Yellow-rumped "Myrtle" Warbler (first of the year - arrived May 7)
        2-4 Red Crossbills
        8-10 House Finches
        15+ House Sparrows

        1-2 Black-phased Gray Squirrel

        Shortly before 7:30AM, May 7, the two Northern Harriers flew low over
        the parking lot behind our house... The Squirrel was sitting on the
        back fence when the female flew by, but the squirrel made a quick bee
        line for the nearby trees and chattered out his indignation at the whole
        situation, just as the male flew by. The raptors did not make any move
        toward the squirrel, but the passing by of the second Harrier sent the
        squirrel running to the middle of nearby evergreen trees where he
        continued his tirade with his tail waving vigorously.

        The Merlin has been sending terror into the hearts of all the small
        birds all week.... screaming as he flies over. When he makes an
        appearance, all the birds disappear from the yard for several minutes.


        Driving to and from work this week, we (my co-worker and I) have been
        seeing the 'new' usuals. It is nice to see so many more birds compared
        to the few were seeing during the long, long winter. This past few
        days, we have been seeing:

        Canada Geese, Mallards, Northern Shovelers, Northern Pintails, 1-3
        Northern Harriers, 2-3 Swainson's Hawks, 2 Ferruginous Hawks (at & near
        a nest), American Coots, a few Killdeer, 2 Marbled Godwits, Gulls, 1
        Great Horned Owl (on the nest), a few Black-billed Magpies, several
        American Crows, Horned Larks, American Robins, European Starlings,
        Red-winged Blackbirds, Western Meadowlarks, Yellow-headed Blackbirds,
        several Pronghorns, a few White-tailed Deer, and a few Mule Deer

        May 8, a single Sharp-tailed Grouse ran across Hwy #32. Since the snow
        and ice disappeared, we haven't seen too many chickens so it was nice to
        see this one.

        We have not been seeing many Richardson's Ground Squirrels during our
        daily drives to and from work... Even the ones that were usually around
        the office building at the Compressor Station haven't been around
        (yet.) We now have 2 Swainson's Hawks hanging around the Compressor
        Station daily, so they will hopefully find enough rodents to keep them
        healthy and happy.

        Migration is starting to rev up some as the late Spring weather brings
        us sunshine (and of course, wind.... I am not sure we would know what to
        do if the wind ever stopped blowing for more than a few hours.)

        Happy birding,

        - Mary Ann and Larry, Swift Current
        50° 17' 00" N - 107° 48' 00" W

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