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  • Kathy H
    Morning Birders: I ve been doing only backyard birding the past while. We don t usually get much Fall warbler activity and so far this year, that s certainly
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2008
      Morning Birders:

      I've been doing only backyard birding the past while. We don't usually get much Fall warbler activity and so far this year, that's certainly been the case. Generally nothing at all out of the ordinary. That said, it's always entertaining watching the young birds.

      We have 2 RT Hummingbirds in the area, as of this morning. Juveniles or females; I tend to think one is still Junior RT from the nesting female we had here this summer.

      Adults and young of both White-breasted and Red-breasted Nuthatches have been busy in the elm trees.


      1 N. Flicker juvenile
      ~20 Common Grackles, most of which are juveniles
      1-2 Redwing Blackbirds
      House Finches and House Sparrows (too numerous to count)
      Eurasian-collared Doves, of course - and they are starting to congregate in the larger groups observed during Winter. In Spring and Summer they come to feed as singles or pairs.
      Pine Siskins
      Black-capped Chickadees

      I haven't seen a Mourning Dove in my part of town in several days; nor were there very many along the roads to/from Regina on the weekend.

      I'm not sure if our Swainson's hawks have moved on or not. The young ones were here as of last Wednesday afternoon, when I left my sister sitting in the backyard while I went off to do some errands. When I got back she was so excited about a hawk that swooped in and perched on the back gate post for a long time. Both juveniles had been cruising the neighbourhood the previous few days, often visiting their fledging grounds. They've learned to be quiet about the flying and hunting, I think. Unfortunately I haven't seen my little backyard bunny in a week or so.

      There are a few Yellow Warblers, youngsters by the way they chase each other and other birds around. These nest in the vicinity.

      And late last night, a Great Horned Owl was hooting not too far away - a first for the Fall.

      Kathy in Estevan

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