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Sask Landing, and Swift Current

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    Well we have endured more hot hot days this week, but today we had a bit of a reprieve! Much appreciated for sure, by us and the birds and other wildlife!!!
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007
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      Well we have endured more hot hot days this week, but today we had a
      bit of a reprieve! Much appreciated for sure, by us and the birds and
      other wildlife!!!

      The 'usual' birds have been in our yard again, taking full advantage of
      the water options (birdbaths, waterfall, and mister - spraying water
      onto the leaves of the Mountain Ash so some birds can have their
      preferred 'leaf baths') and some birds have been taking advantage of the
      feeders, others of the ripening chokecherry berries and /or the shade!!

      We went out to Sask Landing Prov Park Sunday evening as we were leading
      a birding tour... and as expected, no one showed up! (Can't blame
      them... it was very hot yet at 6:30 PM, and the mosquitos were plentiful
      and hungry!) The young Park interpreter was interested, so we took him
      out for about an hour... until the heat and mosquitos got the best of us.

      We didn't see a lot...

      Canada Geese
      Western Grebes
      2 Sharp-tailed Grouse
      Ring-billed Gulls
      Mourning Doves
      Common Nighthawks
      1 Downy Woodpecker
      1 Western Kingbird
      Eastern Kingbirds
      American Crows
      Tree Swallow
      Barn Swallows
      Cliff Swallows
      Black-capped Chickadees
      American Robins
      Gray Catbirds
      Brown Thrashers
      Cedar Waxwings
      Yellow Warblers
      Common Yellowthroat
      Clay-colored Sparrows
      Vesper Sparrows
      Song Sparrows
      Red-winged Blackbirds
      Western Meadowlarks
      American Goldfinches

      2 Northern Leopard Frogs

      On the way we saw 2 Swainson's Hawks, American Crow, Western Kingbirds,
      Eastern Kingbirds, Blackbirds (starting to flock), Western Meadowlarks,
      & House Sparrows. On the way home, we saw a a couple Swainson's Hawks, a
      Ferruginous Hawk, Mourning Doves, & lots of Blackbirds flocking (one
      bunch of short trees had 150+ Blackbirds, and we saw some small flocks
      on powerlines, and a couple other dead trees).

      We did have some excitement in our yard on Sunday.... while taking some
      photos of the Purple Martins, before they leave, I was watching and
      shooting (photos of) the Purple Martin gourds. Saturday evening, we saw
      three (3) young ones sticking their heads out (can only imagine how warm
      they were getting inside that gourd) and again on Sunday afternoon,
      until finally a fourth (4th) one managed to fight its way to the hole,
      too... and then there were FOUR PUMA babies poking their heads out!!! 3
      babies are great, 4 are even better!! THIS is oh so exciting especially
      when we do not know of any other nesting PUMAs in Swift Current. I
      have posted a photo of the PUMA babies in the gourd in the SaskBird
      photo gallery.

      The Violet-green Swallow continues to go back and forth feeding her
      young one, too!!!

      Going to and from work this week, I am seeing the usual roadside birds,
      including a couple Northern Harriers, 2 Ferruginous, 3 or 4 Swainson's &
      1 or 2 Red-tailed Hawks, as well as Killdeer, an Upland Sandpiper, and
      other 'usuals'. Monday, 14 Pronghorn (including 8 young) were close to
      the Fosterton grid road as I drove along to work.... Starting to see
      more flocks (some with 50 or more) of Blackbirds.

      Out at work, we have the usuals, too (especially Western & Eastern
      Kingbirds!!) Late last week, we watched a pair of Barn Swallows build a
      nest above the dryer vent, near the deck attached to our office
      building. Now, Mrs. BARS is sitting on her nest, with the Mr. sitting
      nearby, singing, chirping and standing guard. I have even had the guys
      at work watching the building of and the tending to the nest!!! (No
      small feat!!!)

      That's all the feathertainment around here... We are hoping to get to
      Chaplin Marsh early this month (weather and life in general permitting.)

      Take care and happy birding,

      - Mary Ann, Larry, & Ryan - Swift Current
      50° 17' 00" N - 107° 48' 00" W
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