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LOONS in Swift Current (and an Osprey)!!

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  • maadhatter22
    We had the usual AM ROBINS, GRACKLES, HOUSE SPARROWS, as well as a male/female pair each of the MOURNING DOVES & HOUSE FINCHES. The RB NUTHATCHES are also
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2002
      We had the usual AM ROBINS, GRACKLES, HOUSE SPARROWS, as well as a
      male/female pair each of the MOURNING DOVES & HOUSE FINCHES. The RB
      NUTHATCHES are also spending time in our yard (at the sunflower seed
      feeder that only they go to because we have metallic ribbon on it to
      keep the House Sparrows & Grackles off it), though they haven't, as
      far as we know, decided on a house to nest in yet, but our fingers
      are all crossed and we're hoping they pick one of our houses!! Would
      love to hear our yard filled with the sweet sounds of yank yank yank
      this summer!!) Yesterday, the male Nutty was chasing the House
      Sparrows out of the trees near the house they seem most interested
      in. Then a big Robin landed in the tree, and the little torpedo took
      after the bigger bird, and it actually flew off! I can just imagine
      how pleased with itself the little Nuthatch was!! (I am guessing he
      was humming the bars to "Macho, Macho, Macho man!!" LOL!) We are
      also seeing a few BB MAGPIES, AM CROWS, RING-BILLED GULLS, and a few
      more GRACKLES (the ones we have dubbed "the group of 5") flying about
      over the neighbourhood.

      Pierre R Bunny - the Nuttall's COTTONTAIL is also still hanging
      around our yard!! He is still enjoying the Mountain Ash berries that
      have been blown off or knocked off by the Robins jostling about in
      the tree!

      This evening, right after supper, Larry & I took Ryan to his piano
      lessons, and decided to drive out to the City Water Filtration Plant
      reservoir for the free 20 minutes or so we hadÂ… Along the road
      leading to the Filtration Plant, we saw a couple KILLDEER and a few

      At the Reservoir, we saw:

      several YH BLACKBIRDS
      several RW BLACKBIRDS
      2 KILLDEER
      3 pairs of MALLARD DUCKS
      1 pair of AMER. WIGEONS
      a few pairs of CANADA GEESE
      (including one Canada Goose that really threw us into a scurry
      through the field guides. It had a white forehead -- not something
      you see on most Canada Geese!! After discussing it with a fellow
      birder, Ron J., after we got home, and confirmation through our
      Sibley's guide, it seems it was a Canada Goose with a difference --
      "occasional variants have dark cheeks or a white forehead".

      One highlight of our evening viewing was an OSPREY flying over the
      water, then off and away, and the true icing on the cake was a lone
      COMMON LOON swimming about! (With the cool temps we've been
      experiencing, and not enjoying, no doubt the poor Loon thought it was
      already on a Northern Lake) We had to leave to go get Ryan (our 14
      1/2 yr old Naturalist) from his lessons, but did return shortly
      after, with Ryan, so he could see the Loon, too! Just as we were
      leaving, we spotted a pair of DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS as well!!

      As soon as we got home, we phoned our fellow birder friend, Ron J, to
      let him know about THE LOON!! He called back after his trip out to
      the reservoir with something even more exciting --- a second LOON
      flew in while he was there!! That's the most excitement we've had in
      Speedy Creek for a while!!! He also saw a pair of SWAINSON's HAWKS
      sitting on a fence by the exhibition grounds.

      Boy, one just never knows what one is going to see when it is least
      expected!! We certainly enjoyed our few too short of time out at the
      reservoir tonight, and here I said to Larry on the way out
      there, "it's so cold and windy, we probably won't see a whole heck of
      a lot tonight!!" Now I know it's not quantity that is as important
      as QUALITY!!

      Happy birding... and keep those binocs handy!

      - Mary Ann, Larry, & Ryan Dudragne, Swift Current
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