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8948Mountain Bluebirds

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  • valndoyle
    Mar 27, 2006
      We headed to Craven in hopes of seeing Mountain Bluebirds and we
      certainly did see them. Heading east along the short stretch of road
      we saw 50+ along the fence posts and trees and on the ground. A flock
      of 12 flew onto one tree south of the road and they flew up, down and
      around with the tree as their home base. Mountain Bluebirds graced the
      whole length of road and we stopped very often to take in their
      beauty . At one point, three flew up from the ground and just hovered
      side by side quite close to us.

      We also saw 2 Black-billed Magpies, 2 Western Meadowlarks and one
      Horned Lark along the same stretch of road and 5 American Crows north
      of Regina.

      Val and Doyle - McTaggart
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