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885Mountain Bluebirds

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  • Dave MacDonald
    Apr 1, 2002
      Howdy fellow bird-nerds:
      I have just recently tuned into your bird group and really enjoy it, thanks.  I just thought I would relate my bluebird sightings from Saturday.  I went on a mission to clean out some of the bluebird houses near Craven.  I managed to do the grid from highway #6 to Craven, then north up to the Kannata Valley turnoff (near Silton); a total of about 40 boxes.  Most of the houses sure needed cleaning; I found everything from partially mummified tree swallows to live mice that were using the houses as "hopper bins".  I guess the cleaning came just in time, as the Mountain Bluebirds appear to be back in the area; I observed 7 between #6 and Craven (mostly closer to #6).  I hope they are able to handle the snow ok!  I also got a great look at a Bald Eagle just north of Craven, near the lake.  He actually seemed to be enjoying the 100k winds (unlike myself)!
      Dave MacDonald
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      Saskatchewan Wetland Conservation Corporation
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