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8170It's Winter Listing Time...

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  • Guy J. Wapple
    Dec 1, 2005
      Good Morning To All,

      Our neighbours to the east and west of us keep track of
      their 'winter' birds, and as Ryan has suggested let's see how many
      we can tally between now and the end of February.

      This cool -15 morning saw me out sweeping the skiff of overnight
      snow off our driveway before taking Brandon to school. My first
      winter species was (thankfully) a Black-capped Chickadee---"dee-
      deeing" nearby. Upon my return I finished off the front sidewalk.
      By then a noisy mob of good old House Sparrows were awake in our
      neighbours Spruce trees and were species number two.

      My truck is getting winterized and had to spend the night at the
      local garage. When they're done with it later this morning, it's
      time to bring the Focus in. I don't have to work today, but don't
      know how much more birding I'll get in...