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7976Bald Eagles

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  • plantman108
    Oct 27, 2005
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      This morning at Buffalo Pound, actually by the Nichol Flats Marsh
      area, were 3 Bald Eagles. One adult and two immature. As I watched,
      the adult circled the marsh followed by one of the immatures but
      they actually went two different directions. The adult eventually
      perched on a tree to the southeast. I lost sight of the second and
      the third just stayed on the original tree where I first saw all

      On the way out to the 'Pound' I spotted a Great-horned Owl just
      after the Kalium/Belle Plaine overpass. It was still there on the
      way home with a second one a mile east.This is the 6th GHOW that I
      have seen in the last two weeks. I feel I might be getting stalked!

      Back at the reservoir( hwy#301) were two different Northern
      Harriers. In the lake things were pretty much the same as Bob L.
      mentioned yesterday. Large groups of Hooded Mergansers, Common
      Goldeneye,Scaup and Ruddy Duck. The marsh still had approx. 100
      Tundra Swans.

      Steven Weir
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