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  • Guy J. Wapple
    Sep 1, 2005
      Good Day,

      This morning I thought I'd take a drive over to President Murray
      Park again. A cool (+6 C), cloudy day, but practically no wind so
      conditions weren't too bad. The park wasn't dripping with birds,
      but there were a few species in the park and in the immediate
      neighbourhood too. # = New For '05

      From 0900 to 1030 I noted the following:

      N Flicker - 2
      Olive-sided Flyc - 1
      Blue Jay - 3
      Am Crow - 5+
      B-c Chick - 10+
      R-b Nuthatch - 2
      R-c Kinglet - 1
      Swain Thrush - 3
      Am Robin - 5+
      Tenn Warb - 7
      Cape May Warb - 2
      Y-r Warb - 35+
      # Bay-breasted Warbler- 1 fall male down to 4 metres. My luck
      continues with "missed" birds this spring and summer.
      Blackpoll Warb - 6
      Am Redstart - 8
      Wilson's Warb - 3
      House Finch - 4
      House Sprw - 15+

      I observed some interesting behavior between one of the Cape Mays
      and several Yellow-rumpeds. On the northwest side of the park the
      CM was feeding in an elm tree across the street. It was creeping
      along the trunk and some of the larger branches, feeding voraciously
      on the bugs which were appearing in numbers as the day warmed up.
      Any YR that came within a couple of metres of the CM, was quickly
      chased off. I read in my Peterson 'Warbler' Guide when I got home,
      that Cape Mays are pugnacious by nature and will protect a feeding
      territory, even in migration. Hadn't noticed that before.

      I also had another "warbird" as an F-16 fighter-bomber flew
      relatively low over me on it's way towards the airport.

      When I returned to 322 Gillam, a few birds were moving about as well:

      R-t Hummer - Two birds present at the feeder now. Second bird
      appears to be a female. Some chasing going on, but no blood yet!
      N Flicker - 1
      B-c Chick - 3
      Swain Thrush - 2
      Am Robin - 10+
      Cedar Wxwg - 15+
      Y-r Warb - 4
      Blackpoll Warb - 1
      House Finch - 2

      Gotta go. Brandon's turn for a haircut this aft, so he can look
      somewhat civilized for the first day of school tomorrow...


      Guy Wapple,