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  • micknsharon
    Jul 1, 2005
      Bob, what is remarkable is that even in the well travelled areas of
      the province birds go unreported (yes I am as guilty of that) or
      unseen. What are we missing from the less explored and more isolated
      areas of the province? How come we get no input from the
      proffesionals, are the rarer and endangered species not monitored by
      Canadian wildlife authorities? For example, how many American White
      Pelicans attempted breeding at Redberry lake last year and how
      succesful were they? This forum of ours serves a remarkable service
      in letting other birders know what is going on. However it seems
      that once a bird has made it on to the year list or winter list they
      are not reported again, some of these birds would still be of
      interest to those who want to add them to their own personal lists.
      I guess coming from the UK I got spoilt as there are more birders
      there than the whole population of Saskatchewan covering roughly the
      same area. The drawback to that is the rarity chasers make life
      pretty unbearable when a rare bird does turn up....hundreds of
      binoculars, telescopes and cameras focused on your back garden
      trying to get a glimpse of an American Robin!!


      --- In Saskbirds@yahoogroups.com, Bob <tsb2001@s...> wrote:
      > Mick
      > Thanks for this. This is remarkable that these Tundra Swans have
      been in this area for several years. I ,too, hope they are
      successful this year.
      > The report from the zoo is intriguing as well.
      > Take care
      > Bob
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